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  1. At risk of belaboring the thread, I've done all that. The results are the same regardless.
  2. Yes. We can both be right, yes? Single cartridge - multiple discs. Toe-may-toh, toe-mah-toh. Also found what looks to be an early release regarding this format with the cartridge opened. http://www.hughsnews.ca/sony-unveils-disc-archive-storage-system-0026613
  3. No luck. With non-HiMD disc inserted the device doesn't even show in the manager. It (the 600D) locks in all cases. I only have an entry to upgrade (and keep my unit from freezing) in cases where a HiMD disc is inserted, in which case the bulk storage driver is in use and windows absolutely refuses to budge. Not a worry - using a my non-himd units works.
  4. It appears to be a single cartridge with the 1.5tb capacity. Sadly that capacity is also limited to 1.5tb WORM (Write once, read many). 1.2tb with read/write is due September 2013.
  5. Yours for a mere $7k: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-ODSD55U/ That's exceedingly steep for my needs.
  6. Good evening. I've been working on a way besides tea tins for easily transporting discs and I thought I'd share my results. Basically, this is a 4x2 disc wallet project with some easy sewing, a 19x15.5" bit of sturdy material and a sewing machine, standard sewing materials (measuring, scissors), an iron and 1/2 an hour to an hour. The end result is a wallet that can be folded various ways - primarily left and right "wings" in, and then in half again across the wider crease. If you want to fold again along the wide horizontal bit you can do so as well. First: The open view (discs are kicked out a bit to show scale): Second: Fully folded (not my preference, I just like the 3 fold method) Detail: Inline remote/spare battery pocket: Instructions: I've attached a PDF that should be accurate in inches. Once you measure a 19x15.5 inch bit of your cloth measure out/mark the following in inches: Horizontal: 1, 3.5, 0.75, 3.5, 1.5, 3.5, 0.75, 3.5 and 1 Vertical: 1, 3, 3, 1.5, 3, 3, 1 Use an iron to fold the horizontal strips on the outsides in to the 1" lines you marked. Then do the same for the verticals up to the 1" line. Sew a hem across the two (19") veritcals. Then, between the two 3" segments marked vertically, make a fold and iron that as well. Sew the vertical (15.5") hems. You should have a smaller rectangle with two very large pockets that open facing one another. Then sew vertical seams that you marked from the horizontal set (i.e. at the 3.5, then 0.75, then 3.5... and so on). If you are unsure about your measuring you can always go left to right for the first two, and right to left on the second two - the middle (Disc B<--> Disc C) gap is less fussy. Here is the PDF of the pattern (of sorts). minidisc-wallet-drawing.pdf This might not be everyone's bag (or wallet) but I figured someone besides me might have a use for it. Enjoy! minidisc-wallet-drawing.pdf
  7. Belated reply - yes, got the 760 drivers which work like a champ on my growing stockpile of Net MD units. Finally got around to testing what would happen if I put NetMD format into the NH600D and plugged it in. Pretty anticlimactic - the unit froze. I had to pop the battery out to get it back to life. Could be any number of things, including my NH600D has had the most use and abuse (got it new in the store around 2004). Anyhow, thanks again.
  8. Just for grins I threw in the same disk in the same player... same usb port etc. etc. but threw in a brand spankin' new environmentally hostile Alkaline after blowing away the tracks and the Sonic Stage intermediary (transcoded) files. No glitches. I think this confirms the power theory over USB overrun. It's a shame those things seem kind of spendy on ebay. Both the NF610 and the MZ-N707 take the same adapter, yeah? 3v 500ma if I recall. Oh and thanks, of course
  9. I've had this happen on a few recordings with no particular pattern. Apologies if this has been already covered - I did search the forums for anything that matches and nothing seemed to fit. This usually affects tracks in the first part of the disk, if that makes a difference. Here's my setup: Encoding/xfer software: SonicStage 4.3 ultimate. Operating System: Windows 8 64bit Source format: 256kbps MP3, and Straight rip WAV (1411kbps wav) Destination format: ATRAC LP2 Transfer decks: MZ-NE410 and MZ-NF610 Transfer method: NetMD Playback decks (skip present in same loc on all): MZ-NE410, MZ-NF610, MZ-N707, MZ-NH600D Discs: Sony "Multicolor" MDW80, first record - pulled out of the shrink wrap (2x), and Neige 80's - also new (1x). Battery: New in all cases - 3 lines or higher (ruling out voltage dip during transfer/write) So far the only common potential failure point for my tests is Sonic Stage and/or the source machine. Since my understanding is SS transcodes before transferring, my guess is something is going wrong during that stage, but I am surprised to see the problem come up in both transcoding MP3 and straight up WAV rips. A 2ghz quad core should be more than capable of handling a transcode without a buffer overrun, and since it's not happening in real time anyhow (usually much faster) I think that can be ruled out. I've also watched the meter on the units that have them, and the gaps come up nowhere near a peak, so I'm 90% certain this isn't a clipping issue. Anyone run into similar? Any guesses on a fix? It's maybe affecting 1% of all my transfers so far.
  10. I found a trick. Basically Windows 8 refused on the HiMD. You can't really remove the bulk storage driver - it wants it for other stuff like thumb drives and external hard drives. I found a NetMD unit to connect and that did the trick. I'm left in a state where, if I want to make a NetMD LP2/4 "old school" disc, I have to crack out the MZ-R707 or MZ-NE410. If I want Hi-MD I plug in the MZ-NH600D. Given that good units are going to be on the down turn from here on out, I guess I can chalk it up as wear-levelling across units. Thank goodness I ebayed a backlog so there's redundancy across the lines
  11. At risk of sounding like a shill for tea, I checked Amazon's UK site: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Twinings-Earl-Grey-Loose-Pack/dp/B005C94XI4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1365104863&sr=8-3&keywords=twinings+earl+grey+loose+tea Edit: this box looks like it's 500g, and mine is 100g, so err... maybe not. Edit 2: Here's a better look. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=Twinings+Tea+100g+loose&rh=n%3A340834031%2Ck%3ATwinings+Tea+100g+loose Cheers
  12. Word of warning to those who might jump in this thread late - pause play stop link above takes you to a page with a ton of sex chat links. Definitely NSFW. I didn't stay long enough to look if they're gone for good and someone swiped the domain or if the site had been compromised.
  13. Hey all - figured anyone who is interested to know about cheap portable disc case options might dig this little find I made a year or so back. Twinings Tea tins for their loose tea make perfect holders for up to 7 MDs. The biggest setback is... well, you have to drink a fair amount of tea. I used canned air to blow out any residue. Leave the disc sleeves on when you put them in or there's more shifting around than I like. Pardon the semi blurry picture & enjoy
  14. I've run into a bit of a snag with the above - that being windows 8 honestly believes my MZ-NH600D's enumerated driver (the generic USB Mass Storage device) is the best and shiniest driver to use. This means when I tell it to search for the device and give it the NETMD760 directory it still is convinced it knows best. Here's what I've done so far.. Run 1: a) hooked up the MD devices and printers in control panel c) right click hi-md, properties d) hardware tab, click properties e) driver tab, click driver f) update driver button is greyed out Run 2: a- same, before proceeding, safe eject device in systray b-d) same e) click change settings on general tab f) go to driver tab g) browse for local driver... from here on out it's like proudofmylife's video EXCEPT... h) Windows 8 says my current driver is the best one. Run 3: As above but with the reboot to the non-signature checking mode. Still fails. So... it seems that I have a couple of options and I don't know windows well enough to say if this is doable... 1) remove the mass storage driver (seems like a bad move) 2) coax win8 to overlook its recomendation and/or force the netmd drivers in place. It's worth noting that the devices works with SonicStage like a champ, but ONLY with HiMD format discs. I can't format NetMD/"old" format at all, or see anything on a NetMD disc. Guesses? Suggestions?
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