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  1. I just took delivery of a Panasonic SJ-MJ95 that I scored off the bay.

    A lovely little unit with a dock and two speakers,


    Only problem is that the headphone socket on the unit is 2.5 mm :fool:

    I can put normal phones in the remote but I'd like to have the option not to use it, it's got all the control buttons on the back of the unit as well.

  2. Mainly mechanical - the unit is just not built to survive actual use. It all looks very pretty when you first get it out of the box, but it quickly starts to show its faults. Here's a few examples:

    1) The jog dial is a laugh. These switches were bad enough when used on the likes of the R90/91. At least in those models you could get to the switch to clean the contacts. The RH1 has the big plastic extrusion that is the jog lever that makes it very difficult to get at. The jog lever also breaks off too easily. And the miniature switches used for group, vol+/- etc were crap when they were used in the N910, so why use them again in later models? Every second N910/920 I see has a faulty End Search button.

    2) The upper metalwork (ie disc lid) is prone to bending into a convex shape. This causes disc-in switch problems until the metalwork is bent back. I assume this is due to folk putting it into a back pocket. True, Sony advise not to do this, but then people are people.

    3) In a similar vein, the plunger that operates the disc-in switch does so through a sprung metal tab, underneath which is a stuck-on plastic spacer. I assume this is a post-design modification to fix a disc-in switch problem discovered after the design was finalised, as there seems no obvious other reason. Which would be fine, if the plastic spacer did not slip sideways under the pressure of the plunger, causing it to come of eventually! So yet again, the unit keeps resetting itself.

    4) The OLED displays are nice but everyone knows they fade with time. So what do Sony do? Put two of them in.

    5) The display/switch 'block' is a plastic lump which hangs off the metalwork by three small tabs. In order that the display can actually be seen, this plastic needs to be a translucent type (is it a polycarbonate??) Unlike say ABS, the display plastic is brittle and it's not long before the three tabs break. The result is at best a loose display block. At worst it falls off.

    6) The connector from display block to main board is bent to such a ridiculous extent, that removing the display block just a few times can cause the connector to crack and require replacing. I have never liked equipment that is NOT built to be serviceable.

    7) The USB connection is flaky unless the board screws are fit with a torque wrench (Seriously, this one is even in the service manual)

    8) The plastic end cheeks on the lower case are simply held on by melting (mushrooming) plastic pegs. This is a common technique, but not when you only have two plastic pegs to mould. Ten, twenty, yes - but not two. It only takes one to break, and the second peg follows. And then the plastic part just drops off.

    I hope I have not put anyone of buying an RH1. Just make sure you super-glue it to a brick before you try using it, and put it in a box so you are never tempted to use a switch or change a disc!


    Lol and people want up to 800 quid for these on ebay.

  3. Well being a bit jealous of Jimmas stash I just by chance decided to go the the local car boot on sunday (not been for weeks) and staring at me from the third table in was a Sony MZ NH1 :heat: .

    I made out I didnt know what it was and the woman said I think it's a mp3 player so I looked into the box and there was about twelve discs, the player and three 1gb discs.

    When I saw the 1gb disc I said to the woman that I've got more memory on my phone so I ended up getting it all for a tenner :good:

    Only problem is there was no charging dock, but I managed to charge the battery with a universal charger and it all works fine.

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