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  1. Is SonicStage Ver.4.3 available anywhere? Forums don't seem to have realised (or if they have, not publicised anywhere I can find) that Sony have stopped hosting it in March on the grounds it wasn't built for Win7&8. An idiotic and disgraceful abandonment of their customers. Announcement Notice to Customers using SonicStage® CP Software - Discontinuation of Download Service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Version 4.3) Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products. Please note that the download service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Ver.4.3) Update program will be discontinued from March 29, 2013 onwards. SonicStage CP is compatible with Windows® Vista and older Windows® operating systems. However, as it is not compatible with Windows® 7 or future Windows® operating systems, we will be discontinuing the download service of SonicStage CP (SonicStage Version 4.3). You can continue to use SonicStage CP if it is already installed on your computer, although you will not be able to download and/or install it after March 29, 2013. For more information, please contact your local service centre. A list of the Sony service centres can be found in the Service Centres page. Links and what I thought were full copies of SS 4.3 on my xp PCs are only downloader-installers only go searching for a Sony server that no longer exists. UPDATE: I have managed to download it from courtesy of Arvin. Now I only have have to see if it installs - and works on my new Windows7 64 bit laptop. Wish me luck.
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