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  1. First, thanks immensely for putting this file here. Why Sony couldn't have put a similar file for download on their support site when the server was shut down is beyond me... Customer disservice. The software runs just fine on Windows 7 64 bit. The only issue I had was that the included driver is the 32 bit driver. I had to install the 64 bit driver available elsewhere on this site, which I already knew about from having to find it for another W7 64 bit machine I had downloaded SS from Sony's site before they shut it down. For some reason I got an error message about the driver not having started something (I didn't write the message down) when it loaded (via Device Manager), but when I tried it, it worked flawlessly, as does this version of SS. The message about the broken link should be removed from the index and opening download page, the link works fine now. Again, thanks for solving my very big problem. John Schmidt
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