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  1. Stuge, nice photos... I enjoyed my short trip to HP, 10 years ago....to Kulu,Manali and Rohtang Pass (4000 m above sea level)...
  2. My expectations are simple, Improve the GUI. Though interface is simple and clean, it needs some cosmetic changes....(currently icons and text are not on par with current generation models from competitors) A80X looks better than current models...pls break this habit of going back...needless to say, looks sell stuff. only three models shd be there: plain vanilla, with bluetooth, with noise cancel and make universal fm part of all models.
  3. Zizi-san, thanks, but year end seems to be too far, as I am not impressed with this a82x thing.....a80x was a better looking device, though a82 has bigger display and reportedly better sound though. In my opinion current line-up does not have the zing to last till year end. Stuge, Even when a82x comes to India, it may be expensive. IMHO, when they release it there, they shd put NC earphones.
  4. Anyone know about any new walkman coming ? spy pictures ? rumors ? spotted in the wild? word-of-mouth???.....etc etc ?
  5. I am little confused here, the nw-a829 comes with noise cancel built-in and bluetooth built-in, there is no bluetooth headphones supplied. In us nwz-A82x, 8 gb version comes with ear-in phone and bluetooth headset, but 16 gb version comes only with ear-in, no bluetooth headset supplied(but device has bluetooth though).
  6. cauldron, Good references, I guess the reason could be Connect Team which develops walkman has no clue on it, To cut down on RAM(mylo has out-of-memory issues), or simply they did not review their old stance, i.e they decided against os when RAM was expensive and continued with it..... Mylo has a good chance if they can put hdd in it.....youth will like it. Everybody can carry their entire mail inbox in his pocket, type your replies on journey even when there is no wifi....and send it once you are in hotspot..... nice right ?
  7. there is a new e series on jp sonystyle. http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Walkman/Product/index.html may be your question is why it us not available outside jap ?
  8. media player market is slowly moving towards mobile computing. It is possible to combine good media experience with internet capabilities (wifi), mails, doc readers and much more with current technology. iPod touch is squarely aimed at that. Apple has enough software prowess to address this market. Where is sony placed in this market ? Since their software ability is nothing great, they probably can embrace Android. The Android is an os for future mobile device from google. Though it is aimed at mobile phones, it shd be possible to use on media players or mobile computing device, say walkman touch. http://code.google.com/android/ If sony can do that, #1 that will relieve sony from investing in custom software for each device which will eventually save resources and money. #2 quality third party application. This will become deal breaker as iphone/ipod touch will have lot of third party applications soon. It need not be Android, they can use symbian/uiq much like SonyEricsson for that purpose. Sony hardware like built-in noise cancel, cool sound quality on a smooth os will be a treat, wat say ?
  9. looks cool. As you said, it should not be shiny, shd have brushed metal feel. I don't want xmb though,looks boring. seriously it is time to combine mylo and walkman.....walkman quality audio with skype and 32/48 GB options.....dragAndDrop. oh god ! I am 100% sure grandpa designers of sony wont listen!
  10. But with touch screen all (icons of)applications can be put on front screen.....if we do the same with non-touch, one have to do lot of clicks before I reach the application I want. This is a serious pain considering you will spend lot of time on your gadget. For eg, on my so903i mobile I have to do 13 clicks before I reach 'alarm' function, with my ipod touch it is just one click away. which is easy ? finger touch is more intuitive and I feel that is the future.
  11. I have already switched to iPod touch and I am fine with its music quality. Though I still prefer my s70x as first choice, may change once I get nice headphones for iPod. But iPod touch is a monster machine for its price. It can do lot more things with ease. I am at awe with its gui and applications. With sdk release I am more eagerly waiting for apps. And finally I have peace of mind that I dont have to deal with sony support and its regionalism(each region has different player, and support will not be available universally).
  12. If cybershot /mylo and sony-ericsson can have touch screen why not walkman ? Will there ever be a touch screen based walkman with 3" or bigger display ? what you ppl think about it ? btw, what is topping your wish list for future walkman ?
  13. Had a chance to see a82x dummy model, it looks pretty average.....A80x was more beautiful. I dont know from where sony perfected this art of getting uglier and uglier day by day.
  14. thefanboy


    there are 2 diff s706 available in japan, japanese model and 'overseas model'. overseas-model shd have proper fm reception in us(88-108 MHz). if yours is japanese then fm range is 76-90 MHz. The japanese model will be able to tune only 88-90 in US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM_broadcast_band In this digital age, Sony still is unable to make universal FM. My case is reverse, I have overseas model in japan. Interestingly I can also receive only 88-90 MHz in japan, I dont use FM though. I paid extra money for overseas model, still I dont get anything universal. How money thirsty sony is ? off-topic Sony walkman is selling fine, the sales target for this year is revised from 5 million units to 5.5 million units http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/financial/fr/07q3_eleki.pdf
  15. hey zizone, are you japanese ? do you know a919, 16gb stuff is selling for 34000 yens with 20% point back in bic camera, any idea why? something big is coming ?
  16. you like SonyEricsson phones ? SE is getting ready with a superphone called p5 or xperia. hot topic in esato with quarter million views and 2200+ comments, http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?t...431&start=0
  17. I dont think a82x will sport same looks as a81x, if it is so why should sony protect it ? and for the same reasons it may not look like a91x either. anyone thinks that makes sense, only me
  18. but that applies to ipod Touch as well. and tied to itunes, drag and drop is much simpler than any other s/w probably '250 % better resolution than ipod touch' will have its effect once ppl actually see the screen. cswallow, you dont get locationFree on ipod touch as well right ? just asked, nothing serious.... irrespective of what presssays, I am fully convinced using ipod touch for browsing is pain, slow loading, no flash support.....etc ah the keyboard, those ppl do not how fast ppl are typing on physical keyboard. virtual keyboard is there for the heck of it..... without flash support, it is not going to be worth. end of the day it depends on what you want, I want internet messenger which can play media.
  19. drspangle, thanks for info, we did not have many mac users to give such info. this will be helpful for other mac users coming....thank you I agree fonts on walkman are not that great, sometimes it looks pixelated.....
  20. but you know, most of your description fits well for that popular music player!!
  21. thefanboy

    psp music

    check this, cant get any simpler than this..... http://www.us.playstation.com/support/psp/...ds/default.html
  22. the sonicstage supplied with a808 automatically installs english version while installed on english pc, vista and xp. I live in tokyo, few of my friends(non-japanese) are using it on english os. but you have to change the language of a808 player, by default it is jap. This applies only for a80x, dont try buying s6 series, you cant change the menu language to english.
  23. by generic 4gb mp4 player you mean ipod or zune or any sony player ?
  24. Since sony is striving for product differentiation my expectations are #1 3.5", 800X480,touch screen and some lite variant of linux os(all similar to mylo). #2 atleast one wireless bluetooth: pack with bluetooth headset, very useful in daily life, freedom from wires wifi: having wifi on media player is gimmick, but possibilty of sony bringing sensme from sonyEricsson makes this idea sexy. #3 8/16/32 gb sizes #4 slim device: no keyboard and large layout for screen will make device slim. #5 native divx support: shd be possible as per recent deal btw sony and divx http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D8U21B381.htm #6 closely tied to PSN movie downloads in future
  25. skepticked, your design looks nice. but the curves and circles on a8 gives it the sexy look. less memory on mylo gives a clue that, hi cap walkman is coming. I think we can expect some distinctive feature like a9.
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