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  1. I just sent you a pm for the case. thanks.
  2. Item is now closed - it is on eBay good luck everybody
  3. If you are interested in it, go ahead and just PM me so we can set up a possible sale. Thanks, Ray Jackson
  4. It would cost about $175.00 USD without the bonus extras I threw in to sweeten the deal, but that does make me want to lower my asking price a bit, so I think I will do that later on this afternoon. Thanks, Ray Jackson
  5. Dear fellow MiniDisc and Hi-MD users and collectors of units everywhere, I have here for sale a well-kept-up (just some micro mini scuffs from tight-packed storage but well-stored in its wrap in a plastic ziploc pouch) Sony MZ-RH710 Hi-MD/MD Walkman in Black, with the infamous EU-mandated volume cap unlocked (for more volume) complete with everything that came with it, PLUS the following BONUS features I bought for it (originally to use but never did) I am throwing in for this low price: Sony RM-MC55ELK in Black Sony MDR-EX85SL N.U.D.E EX IEM's in Black from Japan with all supplied paperwork and accessories, plus a velcro case with molded piece holder that I bought for it. Sony MD/Hi-MD player case with built-in clip for "on the go" use Sony US-market AC-ES3010K AC adapter and a bonus (not pictured) of FIVE unused blank Hi-MD discs NOW on eBay PayPal preferred.
  6. I saw the advertising signage along the sidelines of UEFA Champions League football matches on TV, and I saw the PS VITA online and wondered, will Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and other classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Missile Command, Donkey Kong and other 1980s/90s classics be available for it? Also, will this particular system, unlike it predecessor, the PSP, be more-homebrew-friendly? In other words, giving us the capability to create and share our own homebrewed games artwork, and other personal work (I am an underground musician) with the PS VITA Memory Cards that has such massive storage capabilities of up to 32 GB and hopefully 64 GB or even 128GB, this would be so awesome to have an entire entertainment setup in ONE powerful unit, my entire library of MP3's and games and homemade (like off a camcorder) video footage (like most of my shows) in one. Provided that is the case, the PS VITA can hopefully do it, it will be the eventual iPod touch-killer.
  7. Hey, it's been a long time and I wanted to let everyone know that I have come home (gone back) to ATRAC and its superior sound over MP3, especially in lower bit rates, and I was just wondering, if there is a hack available to defeat the default 'phones out' setting whenever I use my RM-MC40ELK remote with my NW-HD5 (the best damn mass audio player on the planet IMO) so I can use it with a 'line out' with both my FiiO E5 headphone amp and my pairs of full-size headphones, including those ever-hard-to-drive 40-ohm Sony MDR-NC50 noise canceling cans instead of having to use either my earphones or IEM's for louder sound in the default 'phones out' setting whenever using the remote with the HD5, rather than 1) having to use the HD5's onboard buttons, taking the risk of the buttons cracking as the HD5 is notorious for that happening, and 2) having to either piggyback a huge HD5-sized amp or having to use a long cord from the HD5 on my belt to my E5 amp clipped onto my shirt collar. I hope to hear from ya soon. Ray Jackson
  8. This sucks for all of us (not me!) who did not stockpile on decks and blank media already, I'm glad I did, although I have alread sold both one of my (previously three now two) RH1's and an NH1 and intend to sell some of my massive collection of SP-mode-only Walkmen, I also have plenty of R700, G750, NH700, RH710, RH1 and assorted home, pro, and car units in which I intend to keep a hold of and use every once in awhile. I also own a couple of 6th Generation nanos and also a couple of NW-HD5s for mass media devices but the HD5 will not allow me to use my RM-MC40ELK remote in the "LINE OUT" mode (which would have allowed me to use my FiiO E5 headphone amp and a decent pair of cans with both a LINE OUT and a remote as opposed to mere buds or IEM's) instead it automatically switches over to "PHONES" out and that really is a bummer, as I was hoping for the superior sound of Atrac3plus 64k on my HD5 instead of MP3 64k on my nano with a pair of serious full-sized headphones, so therefore, I had no choice (unless there is a LINE OUT hack on the HD5 would allows use of a remore with it) but to use my nano with an LOD and my E5 and Sony MDR-NC50's, which need an amp to drive them properly.
  9. Well, I have yet another gem that has hardly seen any usetime (at least when I owned it), and it could use a home where its capabilities could best be utilized. The Sony MZ-R50, only this one has been used (not by me) and is in working-to-good condition, I only take PayPal,
  10. Well, here it is, one of the most sought after MD units around, the Sony MZ-R50.... and made in Japan at that!!! I am also throwing in several new, sealed TDK Music Jack MDs and also some new sealed JVC MDs, and some used Sony MDW-74 blank MDs. The unit has been tested and it works pretty well, and you can get it for SOLD, and I only take PayPal, and here are some pics of what you're getting for your dough:
  11. Bump. Price now dropped to $125.00 USD, still includes CONUS/Canada shipping
  12. It already had it on it when I bought it back 2 years ago, I originally bought it for $250.00 USD and never used it, as mainly my MZ-RH1 saw most of the action mainly for uploading to SonicStage for upload to my NW-HD5, so the NH1 was never used under my ownership. $125.00 is a pretty good price for it considering it is pretty much new except for the Sun Microsystems logo on it (I am sure it can be removed in risk of the finish getting marred up, but use caution when doing it) it has plenty of life still left in it, and, it's also made in Japan, so you know it will be a workhorse for you. Don't forget I do take PayPal and the price includes CONUS/Canada shipping.
  13. bump. Price reduced to $200.00 USD incl. CONUS/Canada shipping
  14. bump. Price now reduced to $125.00 USD incl. CONUS/Canada shipping
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