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  1. yeah..i rebooted the laptop..even i removed the battery for several minutes...nothing is happening.. every time i connect the mouse..windows registers with a sound..the LED in the mouse lights up... but after that nothing happens.. please..this forum is my only hope.. should i reinstall the OS or something like that..??
  2. okay...i tried another mouse.. a new one this time...but its STILL NOT WORKING :'( ... i dunno what to do.. same result.. the LED flashes but the cursor on the screen is not moving...
  3. nah i dont think thats the problem.. that same mouse is working fine on my desktop..and apart from that i've used other mouses too..but nothing happens..every time i plug in the mouse.. windows registers it with the sound..the LED in the mouse lights up..but the cursor on the screen does not move with it...i really want to get rid of this problem.. please if someone can help..please..
  4. hey everyone.. i was just using my laptop and had a USB mouse attached to it..all of a sudden out of nowhere it stopped working..i tried everything after that..restarted the system..tried to attach a new mouse..but nothing is working...yes all the USB ports are working for other USB devices but they are not recognizing the mouse...please help me...its driving me nuts..
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