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  1. Wow. Really Great work! Jimma. Unfortunately, the ebay seller doesn't shipping to Korea. So I'll find the another batter in my country. I'll try this ASAP. Thank you Jimma.
  2. ​I'm sorry to I can't upload the video. But if you want to check the mz-e10. Our community's repair page is helpful to you. It's only write down the Korean. But. it include many photos so you'll understand how to check the e10. http://cafe.naver.com/minidiskworld/842 You can check the e10 mainboard. Only connect remote with battery.
  3. The B series has some benefit about the recording. If you want to record directly without mic. It is very helpful to you. But I didn't recommand these B series. I recommand the any other MDR with mic.
  4. Dear. Sergio. It's long time no see. Recently, I have moved my house and some works made me very busy, I can't connect the forum. I really appreciate your interest about our metal sticker. So, If you want them, I'll connect the company. And I'll send a mail that attached the our quotation. But the quotation is almost 4 months ago, You'll just refer that your consider. And I don't know where do you live. So, I translate the cost value in the dollor. Thank you for your interresting.
  5. Sorry. slugbahr. Most of these are not mine..(^^;; So many people joined these, I take some of them..(^^; I didn't have enought..(^^;;
  6. Oh..I'm sorry to hear that, slugbahr. The factory's minimum order is 1000 pieces..(^^*) And they didn't shipped to abroad.
  7. Thank you, Danny. I want to write more post, but I didn't write down well in English..T-T;; Thank you, too. Another MD. In my country, Korea. Our community has almost 350 people. But only some members enjoying their minidisc life. Maybe nearby 100. Thanks a lot MDX-400. We order this, our country's metal sticker factory..(^^*) It's really good. almost 100 pieces of sticker is cheaper than $10.
  8. Hi. Everyone. How have you been? I wonder many forum's members didn't remember me. T-T;; I have visited so many times, but I didn't write down. But I always enjoy my minidisc life. Recently, I have orderd metal stickers. They are different design which made previously. It's a our Korean minidisc communities annual project. We orderd these only 1times during a year. We choose new design about MD walkman and It's a sony logo. I think the md walkman is really beautiful. It's size only 10x10 (mm) I'll write down the another post when I use some more stickers. See you soon. Thank you for reading my post.
  9. Unfortunately, The blank media doesn't made anymore in Korea. During early part of this year. I have found the manager of the factory, cause of the blank media made in our country, Korea. However, He says to me. They don't make the blanks media anymore after 2014, Jan. The line has closed.. I think any blanks doesn't made now. In this time, we spend the only remain blanks. It's really sad..
  10. Thank you. punkrockaddict. I think it's only way to solve the n10 and e10 's battery problem. (^^*) Thank you for your comment!
  11. Thank you. Azureal. (^^*) I wish you will use the your n10 and e10 again as soon as possible. It's very simple method.(^-^)/ Many(some..T-T) Korean users using this!+_+;;
  12. Dear. Garten. REcently, I didn't visit the forum, so I can't check the your message. The lip-3wm doesn't sell any market. So I take the some post about convert the lip-4wm to lip-3wm. Thank you~ Dear. punkrockaddict. I didn't understand what you mean. If you see the any signal from your e10, You have some hope. It means board is working. (But It still has probability of breaking.) And I can't correct answer to you before the check the your e10..;;(^^*) I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you. Dear sfbp. I didn't do English well; So I don't know fwiw..T-T;; I'm sorry; Thank you for your comment;
  13. Dear. Sergio. Your website is on the my bookmark. I visit the frequently..(^^*) I really admire your passion of the minidisc.
  14. It's very hard to me.. I had almost md players and some md records. And Still have over 70 portable minidisc players;;
  15. Dear. Forum's family. So long time no see. Don't you forget me. I'm one of the minidisc user Living in Korea. (^^*) Recently, I didn't have something special to write down the post. And this post's work is done long times ago; almost 5~6months ago. I have many e10 (over 30) and I worry about the their inner battery's life. However, I found the Lip-4wm is the same size as the Lip-3wm, So I have converted 4 to 3. They only has the 30mA difference of their capacity. (4-370mA , 3-340mA) First. You take off the 4 and 3's cover. Second. Cut the circuit parts of them. Third. Put the 3's circuit parts to 4. It's Finish. It's really easy..(^^*) and great working in my mz-e10. Lip-4Wm is still selling the some market. If you need change the battery of your mz-n10 or e10. You will take this method. Thank you for reading my post.
  16. Dear. PhilippeC. I want to complete collection of them. Can you send me some files? My E-mail address is mze10@naver.com I like the mz-e10, So I make the my id as Mz-e10. Thanks a lot.
  17. Dear. Losio. Welcome ! I'm one of user living in Korea. Our country also doesn't have the Korean website about minidisc. We only have little communuty on the web portal site called by cafe. http://cafe.naver.com/minidiskworld/
  18. Yes, I like the eatting the some food when I heard the music. I like some special food made by egg. Thank you for your comment Mosaic..(^^*) I will visit more and more..(^^*)
  19. Wow. It's Really Great.. I want to make some of minidisc players gear..T-T.. Thank you.. I'll visiting the web-page!
  20. Hi. Everyone~ It's so long time no see..T-T; Recently, I prepared some of my resume (curriculum vitae) for working. I didn't have a job.. T-T;; It's so sad..;; And New years beginning at the early date. I cleand the my room and arrange some devices. I've located some of mini component in my house. Sharp K800, Sony celebrity MD7000 , AH10, A01, 333NT and so on..(^^*);; After than I arranged the some of my minidisc player..(^^*) First, I checked the remote and bundle ear-phone. Second, I checked the device in the room. Third, I checked the device in the dehumidification box (?? I don't know this expression is right.) It has been so long time.. I almost spend.. 7hours..;; However.. about 3 years ago.. I have almost released minidisc player over 200..(^^*) At that time, I check the them using the full 3days and night.. My parents hate the my checking time..(^^*);; Thank you for reading my poor English. I wish you a Merry Christmas!! (^-^)//
  21. Wow.. It's really low price.. Do you provide all of them just 0.99 euro?..I didn't believe the price..T-T; But, In here, the shipping charges are more higher than the media..T-T;;
  22. Wow!! It's Rrally amazing!! I suprise the these photos. It's Korean food! +_+ Thank you for your kindness photo. It's really amazing to me. I never think the seeing Korean food photos in this forum..(^^*) Thank you!!
  23. Yes..(^^*) I really loved make my own items about minidisc. It's really funny work! Thank you for your comment..(^^*) If you get another, you'll try it!
  24. Thank you for your kindness comment. Philippe C. (^^*);; I think you have drunken the name of Makkerli..(^^*) Are you ok?.. It makes some headache tomorrow morning..(^^*);; And.. I use the styrofoam boards for fixed the media. After cutting them, I attached photho sticker on that..(^^*) And Your Media photos are amazing..(^^*) I really like minidisc media.. It's really beautiful. Thank you again~ Have a nice Day!
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