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  1. I just buy up things in bulk lots on ebay, and I guess just horde cheap players so I will always have a backup just in case something breaks. Plus, my friends know I collect units and discs, and a couple have even bought stuff for me, or found boxes of discs stored and sent them my way to 'give to a good home'. Sure, it's nice to have the coveted units, but if you think in a mindset of hypothetical apocalypse, then you'll be able to make use of and enjoy what you have. Also, the R700 you have is a very nice shade of green. So beautiful.
  2. I only really buy my discs in auctioned lots, because I'm way too cheap. Most of the discs are used, but from time to time I'll get a good number of sealed discs in the lot. I've also got some friends who have either just bought new discs for me or found some in a box somewhere and wanted to give them a good home.
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