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  1. i just found this one back on the attic, however my battery is dead, anyone an idea if we can stilll have it fixed / replaced?
  2. some weeks ago i've dug up my Vaio Pocket from the attic lol, i thought i've sold the thing. except for the horrible battery and the disk which kept spinning while the device was switched off, it was a rather good device. Anybody who knows if it is still possible to order a battery / have it replaced for the Vaio Pocket? i really would like to give it an other try....
  3. whatever you do, don't buy bose, it's the worst price-quality ever, if you really want to spend good money on a system you should go for something like a marantz amp with B&W speakers or so, 10x the quality of bose fo the same price
  4. i'm crazy about sony Audio and video, and i'm about to purchases a new Bluray player, it just has to be a sony, however, i'm not sure what model to take, any suggestions?
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