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  1. To me, most of those questions do not apply. 1. The convenience of use and portability, all you want is on one simple disc and you just slot it in and the entire thing fits in the palm of your hand. 2. As at then, there was no mp3 and carrying a cd player and cds were cumbersome, the cases easily damaged and the discs scratched. 3. The quality of the music, both from the big decks at home and the micros, unbelievable, and there was no other way except cds at the time. The standards remain the same to date. 4.The durability, and the confidence it gives you that the music is still there, can you imagine all this while and still going on without any hitch. 5. The ease with which it was transferred and speed via software, Many more reasons,
  2. Many thanks, this works and made my month
  3. i have an MDS-JB980, besides an MZ-N10 as the last of my decks and mini series respectively. Unfortunately, I can't get the internal battery for the N10 and regret this problem. The best I ever used was the Aiwa AMD-100 but discontinued bcos it could only record/play standard speed only and battery life made portability a problem. There is no giving up on Minidisk, quality is awesome, portability convenient and life is impeccable. I have lots and disks recorded 10years ago still play same. Not withstanding that I endulge in mp3s mp4s with the worry of loosing my hard drives, I think my minidisks will last me forever. True I am still unable to transfer from my minidisk to my computer.
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