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  1. Windows 7 "starter" apparently just means that it doesn't include all the applications that a complete Windows 7 would include. A "slimmed down version" probably sold for less and that would cost to download applications that are not there if you want/need them. That way Microsoft gets it's money back from selling the slimmed down version at lower cost. I will try to locate on this website the downloads for Sonic Stage and drivers.
  2. I just bought an Acer notebook running windows 7 starter. I have downloaded a Sony application called Sonic Stage 4.3 to the desktop. I have also downloaded the driver. This application allows/mediates Atrac3 files to be downloaded to the computer from my mini disk MZ-NHF800 walkman. Sonic Stage allows these files to be opened. When I click the "install now" icon the installer extracts the files but does not finish installing: a message saying "Data was unable to be retrieved from the server. Please check your internet connections and try again. (21000)". My internet connection takes me to other websites with no problem. Sometimes Internet Explorer will quit when I try to download a file from a blog. With commercial/professional websites I am able to download files. Sonic Stage downloaded to my previous notebook with Windows XP Home Edition with no problem. Can it be that some type of security software in windows 7 starter is preventing Sonic Stage from installing and causing some downloads to not go through? If not, what might be the problem? Is there any other way to open Atrac3 files without Sonic Stage? Can Atract3 files be converted to .mp3 with an application? If so, where would I find it? Any info appreciated. --- Jeremiah123
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