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  1. I hope it will work for you too !! so the working driver for me was NETMD 760 , good luck!
  2. thanks !! this worked so the solution is to disable driver signing and after that add your driver , then it works , thanks again !
  3. HEllo Azwris, I wanted do do that too , but actually windows 10 worked fine except for sonic stage, I will try to reinstall again , but the problem is that if I connect the Rh1 windows doesn't recognize it and says there are no drivers for it ( does it need a driver as far as you know?) thanks for your reply!
  4. Hello , On my previous windows 8.1 sonic stage ande RH-1 did work fine, After upgrading to windows 10 ..... problems.... Pc sais, no drivers found, I downloaded NETMD 052 & NETMD 760 from this site but without any luck, Does any one has a clue how to proceed? thanks from The Netherlands
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