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  1. Hi thanks for the response. I’m guessing from this then that not even something like the JB930 will transfer to PC? Best start looking for a RH1 then But are you saying that I can play the discs on my N1 through line out into my Laptop? What would be the line in? the headphone port? or do I need some sort of usb adapter thing?!!!! Oh I have downloaded the SonicStage ultimate version from here and have already tried using it copying a CD to MD, seemed easy enough, now just need to get 350 MDs to the lappy!!!!!!
  2. Hi Guys n Gals, I’m new to the site and new to Minidiscs. I’m loving the sound quality that these wonderful little machines put out, I currently own 2 MZ-N1s and about 350 minidiscs with various types of music. What I want to do is to transfer ALL of the music from my minidiscs and my CDs to my laptop, then to make up my own discs with all the tracks I like. My question is can I transfer files using my MZ-N1 or do I have to buy a MDS- player of some description? When I record back to minidisc I’m planning on using the LP method to get more on each disc. I’ve been looking at the MDS-940/960/980, what others should I be looking at if I need to be buying 1? Any and ALL help gratefully received and accepted, oh and sorry f this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it if it had. Don
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