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  1. Well, this is all a bit embarrassing. Yesterday our youngest son logged on to the windows 7 lap top remotely. One of the first things he tried was to run the unpacked set-up file in ss/English as administrator. Sonicstage installed OK. Did the same thing on the Vista desktop and that worked OK. Am sure that this was tried a good while ago. Will now stop fiddling. However, all's well that ends well. Many thanks to inquisitor and kalkie for the many suggestions.
  2. Actually, GCHQ is about three miles away.- Anything is possible these days. Have tried the installation on my son's machine (Windows 7) and it worked fine first time. Current theory is that there is a left-over from the previous installation that fools the installer into thinking that the Sonic is still installed. Think I may re-install 7 on the lap top when I have the time. Surely that should work.
  3. Am still unable to get SS4.3 or SS3.4 to load onto either our desktop (Vista) or laptop (Windows 7), in-spite of lots of help. .Will advise of any success (if there is any).
  4. Hi Jan, Thanks for the suggestion. Please could you advise of the location of the zip file. Am having trouble finding it. Chris
  5. Hi, My account is already an administrator account. Thought that there was some kind of super administrator account that we were trying to move to.
  6. Tried to become a super administrator, but the computer said no. (see attached file). OS is Vista 32 bit Home Premium.
  7. Hi Stephen, When I run setup in ss/english I also get a prompt from an official looking sonic stage window asking me if I want to continue. When you click yes, nothing happens. Re the path hypothesis, have stripped out everything except the windows system stuff (see path file attached). The problem remains. Am still not a super administrator. Will try that when I have the time Chris Jan, Thanks for this. It is all a bit weird. Chris minimum path.txt
  8. Jan, The only log in that folder is SSS-patch.log, the text version of which is attached. Chris SSS-patch-log.txt
  9. One thing that both the wiindows 7 lap top and the vista desktop have in common is that both have Delphi 2009 installed. I could un-install Delphi, and re-install afterwards but this would take some time in that I would have to be very careful not to lose a lot of work.
  10. Hi Jan, Have edited the setupss.ini file as you suggested. When I ran setupss.exe, one difference was that there were many more installation windows than before, except for the stage when sonicstage was being installed, which again was over in a second or two. Again. no sign of a sonic stage executable. Re inquistor's recent suggestions, have emptied the temp folder of everything that did not complain, which left about 6 folders. Tried to become a super-administrator, but could not. Nor can I edit the PATH parameter. Will pursue both these when I have the time. The two log files are attached. Many thanks to all for the suggestions. Chris install.txt omginstlog.txt
  11. Have just set the setup.exe file in ss/english/ (where the unpacked files reside for the sonicstage installation) to always run as administrator (checked afterwards that this was still the case) and re-run the whole installation. Still the same problem, I'm afraid. Also, am having trouble working out how to modify the PATH parameter. Both the TEMP and TMP environment variables are %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalTemp, which is where the files end up. No. 2 son works in IT. Am seeing him this weekend, so will pick his brains.
  12. Jan: Very many thanks for the trouble taken to test ss43_ultimate. At least that has confirmed that the problem that I am having lies either with me or the computer(s). As said earlier, am a bit busy in the near future, but will have a go at sorting things out as time permits, however long it may take. It is very useful to know where the problem lies. By the way, your interpretation of English is just fine. Chris
  13. Taking your points in order. 1) Not sure about the registry key business. The only failure is that the install runs OK, but skips the SonicStage.bit. 2) the MD has not been connected whilst trying to install SS43 for either computer 3) Have done 2 or 3 AVG whole computer scans recently. Would that not have picked up any malware? 4) Put in the PATH command (for the Vista desktop) in a command window: C:UsersChris>path PATH=C:Program FilesCodeGearRAD Studio6.0bin;C:UsersPublicDocumentsRAD Studio6.0Bpl;C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationPhysXCommon;C:PROGRA~1Borl andDelphi5ProjectsBpl;C:PROGRA~1BorlandDelphi5Bin;C:Windowssystem32;C: Windows;C:WindowsSystem32Wbem;C:Program FilesCommon FilesRoxio Shared9.0 DLLShared;C:Program Filesjavajdk1.6.0_04bin;C:Program FilesCommon FilesR oxio Shared9.0DLLShared;C:Program FilesSmart ProjectsIsoBuster;C:Windows system32gsgs7.05bin;c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100ToolsBinn;c: Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSBinn;C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowe rShellv1.0;C:Program FilesSamsungAllShare Framework DMS1.3.23;C:Program FilesQuickTimeQTSystem;C:UsersPublicDocumentsRAD Studio6.0Bpl 5) Both computers are stand alone but part of a home network. 6) Routine software installs now tend to be Open Office, Mozy Sync, Google Drive, One Drive updates 7) Skipping to the end, have checked regional setting. It is UK English.
  14. Think that it might be time to take stock: The problem: On my two computers, a 32 bit windows Home Premium desktop and a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, the SS43_Ultimate software installation does not complete properly. All stages of the installation complete OK, except for the Sonicstage part of the installation. The evidence of this is that all the other stages take a few minutes to complete, except for the Sonicstage installation stage, which completes in a second or so. (See the log files above). Reasons that I can think of are: 1) Operator error (i.e. me) - common to both machines. 2) There is some feature on both machines that is causing the failure - common to both machines.. 3) There is something wrong with the SS43_Ultimate software. 4) SS43_Ultimate relies upon an external server to complete properly which is now shut down. If we are really sure that someone else has very recently installed SS43_Ultimate on a clean machine (ie no SS43 installed) then that would get rid of 3) and 4). It would be most helpful if that could be confirmed. Have a busy two weeks looming, so may not be able to spend much time on this in the near future, but would really like to resolve.. With regard to the last post, I have tried to do the whole install in Safe Mode on the Vista machine. Exactly the same failure occurs. Will carry on investigating as time permits.
  15. Have tried double clicking on sonicstagessenglishsetup.exe in the unpacked files. Nothing happens, which is what happens in the overall install procedure. If i double click on the setup file that produces the secure module (in "C:UsersChrisAppDataLocalTempSS43_ULTIMATEcommonopenmgsetup.exe"), this works fine and installs the secure module. But why is the sonicstage setup looking for an external server? Is this the one that was withdrawn by Sony some 18 months ago. I think that the original sony software required access to an external server.. Both computers have been connected to the net all the time, which is a bit scary as i disabled the virus checker. omg 2.2 is long gone. I agree it is all rather strange. Do not usually have such problems. Thanks again for the help.
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