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  1. Ohh no... I just tried to convert some of my old recordings to wav, but SS wont open them. As I can see, Im not the only one with this problem. I dont have my old win system any more, they were made on my old PC that had Vista. I now have a new PC with win7. I put all my ATRAC files on a extrenal HD when getting rid of the old Vista PC and now wanted to import them to my new PC, but all I get from SS is the message about "It is not possible to transfer tracks..." - since I have no chance in Hell to get the old PC back, I guess I (well, my ATRAC files) are doomed... That was a couple of years of kick concerts gone... I can play the files on VLC, so I guess my only hope will be to play them through VLC and re-record them...?
  2. How I hate that SONY hass pulled the plug on this software, but on the other hand, that just Means that your hard Work is THAT more appreciated. Thank you very much! Been DL different versions of this from the net, all crap and with a ton of malware, so you really saved my day..week..and year with this one. My SONY MZ-RH1 can get new life and concerts can once Again get recorded...
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