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  1. im trying to do a LED mod for my MZ-N505's lcd display. got everything down except for where to connect the wires. anyone got any recommendations on where i should hook the LED up to? i dont have a voltmeter or anything so i cant get any readouts myself. also, how many volts do these little cell phone keypad led's use? im guessing 1.5v. heres some pictures what what im working with.
  2. my pair of ex90's finally broke on me after about 2 years of use...(stepped on them ) so im back in the market for new earbuds. ive used shures, and many other stuff but i kept coming back to my ex90's. so i was thinking of either buying the same buds again, or was looking at their competitor, the HJE70's. how do these compare? anyone out there that actually used both/did some A/B testing? also, im curious if anyone found any difference between the EX90's and the EX85's. ive actually listened to both, and cant find anything different cept for the fact that the EX85 is made out of cheaper materials. thanks for any input!
  3. so noone never had this problem before?
  4. version 4.0...i just reformated my HD (new HD) and install windows MCE.this wasnt happening before i reformatted.
  5. ive already tried searching...but im not getting anything
  6. everytime i try to connect a device (any device, or even stick in a cd) sonicstage will crash. anyone have any ideas why? if it matters i did the japanese/chinese/korean mod to it, the one that makes sonicstage show kanji.
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