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  1. Hi sfbp, As you said, my attempt was unsuccessful. Now I am wondering to buy M crew in order to connect my PC to my newly brought MD mini HiFi / CMT-M100MD & CMT-M700DVD (just for the sake of fun). I have never used M crew before so I have a few questions in mind regarding M crew. I can see a SONY PCLK-MN10 being available on Amazon.jp. Does PCLK-MN10 is good for Windows xp? I know it originally designed for Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Is there any difference between Japanese version or English version or is it one for all language? I know there a few M crew models, PCLK-MN10, MN20, PX3, available. Are they Sony MD HiFi models specific? Like PCLK-MN10 is good for certain MD mini HiFi models? Any advice for me if I am trying to use M crew. Thank you so much to you all. Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi Dear Administrators / sfbp, Well, you are so detailed mind. Yes I had the similar issue with CMT-C7NT. I solved it already with you guys helps. For your suggest, like CMT-M333nt, I also brought it and I am able to control the NetMD with SonicStage 4.3 without any problem. Now I came across the model of CMT-100MD in a local bidding site (very cheap only around USD60.00). Then I realized the situation like you said. The CMT-100MD has only a PS/2 interface for PC-Link. But I had an adapter like PS/2 to USB (I can take pictures if you want to see it). So technically, I solved this problem. But even if I can physically connect the CMT100MD with my computer, does the SonicStage 4.3 work in this situation as well? So I ask for you guys helps again. Anyway, I am going to find out as I will get the Hifi tomorrow. I will keep you posted on my case. Thanks a lot! I love you guys so much in this forums! Cheers, Jason
  3. Hi Dear All, I am wondering if PC-Link functions can be replaced by Sonic Stage and exactly work the same? I am going to buy the Sony CMT-M100MD and its functions can be controlled by PC-Link. I don't have PC-Link and I only have Sonic Stage 4.3 which works perfectly with all my NetMD players. Thank you all in advance. Cheers, Jason
  4. Dear All, This morning, I just got my Net MD hifi C7NT finally connected to my Windows 10 PC. Everything seems fine until I have tried to transfer the music files. I got a pop-up screen saying unable to transfer and error occurred. Can anyone tell me what is the cause of that and is there any solution for that as well? Thanks you you all in advance.
  5. So I think it would be nice to share this piece of valuable information to you all... http://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/
  6. Hi Philippe C, Happy to tell you that I got my C7NT connected and working perfectly. Thanks for your info and inspiration!
  7. Hi PhilippeC, Thank you very much for your reply. Regarding the more recent driver, can you give me the link or the date of the post. I am really sorry to bother you for that. I am using Windows 10 and where can I command the "disable driver certification" as I am not really smart with a computer. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi Dear, I am so happy to find this discussion. I have a C7NT Net MD Hi Fi as well. Should I use Sonic Stage or M crew to get it moving? I tried Sonic Stage Ultimate version with the Net MD driver but it did not work. Do I miss something? Also I have read that C7NT also needs a PC Link driver besides Net MD driver in order to get connection, is it true? Thanks in advance to you all!
  9. Hi Dear All, I brought the Sony MP3 player NW-E3 long time ago. Can I still use it under the Windows 7 Environment? Do I need a updated software and driver? Thanks all!
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