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  1. i dont have and dont want a cell phone .
  2. how do i update the firmware on thiis tv? all i want to do is transfer movies to usb then put it in the tv and watch. i just read this. This USB port is for service only unless you are connecting the optional BRAVIA x external module if this is true i will never buy a sony again a samsung tv half the price will play from usb,and my pic is also messed up liners throughout the screen,it takes 1 hr to simi clear up.. that is a joke since i payed over 2000$ for this crap.
  3. I have a sony bravia KDL-46V3000 and im not sure if i can watch movies from the usb stick on this tv?when i put the usb in it flashes but the tv does not reonize it i formatted it to fat32 and have a small mp4 movie on it but it wont work,does this tv have the cap of playing movies from usb maybe someone here knows the answer..thanks
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