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  1. Hi guys, as per the title really. I've got a Vista pc with one single hard drive split into two. I've now filled the 'C' section of the drive and want to transfer my Sonicstage music files over to the 54GB 'E' part of the drive. I have some problems though. Firstly, I can't find the Sonicstage music files anywhere on my pc! Secondly, if I move them over to the 'E' drive, will Sonicstage find them when it comes to playing my library? Any advice greatly appreciated. I've got Sonicstage 4.3 installed.
  2. Thanks for your replies! How do I find out if the tracks in my library are 100% DRM-free? Also, with regard to the DVD+RW issue, my 3.4 version of SonicStage suggests that I can use them too (in the help pages) but when it comes down to selecting my E-drive with the DVD disk in it, SonicStage says "cannot back up data to the inserted media"
  3. Blimey is this hard work! I've just bought a new pc and want to transfer my 20GB library of ATRAC files from my old pc. This is proving harder than anticipated... I've tried the backup tool, it said that dvd+RW discs aren't acceptable. Great, I just spent a tenner on them. Now I need to know, what's the best method to do this transfer? The details retrieved from 'properties' of my SonicStage program are: SonicStage : SonicStage Add-on for Personal Audio Download : OpenMG Secure Module : MagicGate Memory Stick Device : NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P : OpenMG CD : M.S. PRO : CD Walkman : Hi-MD : Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 : HDWM : Net MD : EMD Plug-in: CD-R Writing Module(Audio CD/ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) : Px Engine: (I don't know if the above helps at all) Anyway, are there any other discs I can use - I realise CDRs will be far too small. Can I join my two pcs together somehow? Other than that, I am prepared to buy a cheap external hard drive but need to be sure this transfer is going to work before I do that! I've read horror stories of people not being able to transfer their libraries full stop! How can this be true? People DO change their computers, the fact is I own every single compact disc that I've loaded to my library and none are CDRs and no tracks are downloads. Why shouldn't I be able to move my songs from one pc to another? I have over 500 albums, I sincerely hope I don't have to upload every single one again! That will take me days! So please kind people, can you advise me? Thanks in advance!
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