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  1. I have recently acquired an MP3 player which is recognised by my pc & windows media player, but as I have most of my music on minidisc & sonicstage I would like to use SS to transfer to the MP3 player but SS does not recognise it is there a "Patch" or plug in or something that will get SS to work with the MP2 player. Many thanks, Steve (soundforhire)
  2. If you wish to remove Sonic stage software fully or any other software or program without an "uninstall" feature try a free 30 day trial of "Revo uninstaller". Easy to use and works like a charm. It will list ALL of the program components allowing you to do a full uninstall. it also works in getting rid of obnoxious "piggyback" add on programs that you often get when downloading software. Hope this helps, Cheers Stevie B (soundforhire)
  3. Hi Yall out there in minidisc land, Stevie B here, I run my own small company, Soundforhire doing live music and recording. I have for years used SS4.3 as my major music library and either use minidiscs for supplying incedental music at live gigs or when I'm recording a live band, use my laptop to record on Audacity & play tracks from my SS4.3 library, that was until 3 months ago when "SS" suddenly stopped working and wouldn't even load onto the screen. I couldn't even access my music to back them up, in the end I had to uninstall "SS" looked for an alternative then found "SS4.3Ultimate" h
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