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  1. Hi there and thanks for the welcome. The player is a Mitsubishi branded unit ( I will try and get the exact model number if I can find it ) and it is in a 2002 car. I have already acquired a HiMD recorder for free from a family member ( it's an MZ-NH700 ) complete with all accessories ( including some disks ) so I'm just waiting for it to arrive from the UK. Is it likely that the Mitsubishi unit would be able to play HI-MD recorded material, or more likely it will need to be recorded in the original lower capacity format ? Any help and info greatly appreciated, cheers !
  2. Hi everyone, I've signed up here so that I can ( hopefully ) get an answer to a pretty simple question ( or two ). My car has a Minidisc head unit ( Japanese car, imported to New Zealand ) which is part of a rather nice ICE system. I do not want to rip the dash apart to try and install a system which plays MP3 or has USB connectivity for say an Ipod. I currently use an FM transmitter but it's crap, so now I'm exploring making my own Minidiscs...... I am an IT engineer so I'm comfortable with the technical aspects of Windows / USB / TOSlink etc etc, I just want to understand how MD stores and plays back tracks. Am I correct in thinking that tracks have to be 'played' on a PC and 'recorded' by the MD recorder, rather than transferring them as you would to say an Ipod ? I'm pretty sure my in-car MD player won't play the MP3 file as-is, so basically creating an MD would be like creating an audio CD, correct ? I will end up with 70-odd minutes of play time, like a CD ? Sorry if this sounds like a real noob question, I just want to understand what the limitations of the format are. Cheers
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