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  1. Hey, I'd trade for a unit with a bad screen or I'd throw another unit in with it, like my MZ-NH600D. You never know. I like the ES but it does not do MDLP, which is something I'm more or less attached to.
  2. I bought one of these decks from a seller on Craigslist for $75. It works fine, but the loading mechanism is faulty -- the metal inner part that sweeps the disc into the playback riser seems to be aligned OK after some finagling with the gears, but the entire riser seems to have a mind of it's own, coming up and down whenever it feels without the drawer being in the correct place. Is there some sort of alignment procedure for this deck? I'm fixing it with the goal of trading it for an MZ-RH1/M200 at some point.
  3. Just picked up an MZ-RH10 with 10 discs for $200 -- couldn't pass that up. I was hoping to get an RH1 for that price but I saw this one pop up and could not resist. I see that the MZ-M200 can transfer PCM via USB... is there some way to modify this unit to do so? Or am I SOL in that respect? Any other cool hacks for it? Thanks!
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