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  1. Hi, the only way I know to erase netmd is to use an walkman or deck who has the "blankdisc" problem. I have an old mz-r900, completely broken for play and record, but because he is broken for recording and didn't save TOC properly, it erase entire netmd. I keep it especially for that instead to throw it. How to do it: Insert the netmd in player,go to end (end search) then record 4 or 5 seconds,Stop, and wait for TOC edit is complete,Eject and re-insert de md,The minidisc is blank. It could be handy to buy or find an old and very tired walkman/recorder (ask internet or friends), open it and cut the head that write TOC.
  2. Another software to create and print cover or label is Fotowall: http://www.enricoros.com/opensource/fotowall/screenshots/ It's a simple software to create anything from wallpaper to cd covers. You can also create custom size canvas for minidisc, in cm, and print it with good dpi (300). It's free, opensource, works on all systems (mac, windows and linux). Lot of functions like shadows, text (there are lot of pretty fonts to download for free on the internet), 3D rotating image, cd & dvd covers, effects etc. It's really easy to use.
  3. I record my favorites CDs in SP/digital for everydays listening, also CDs of my friends I don't own. I record rehearsals or live demo of my music band, I'm a percussionist. I record any audio from my computer analog output to MD analog input (rarities from websites, stuff hard to get or no longer available.)
  4. hello, this my first post on this forum, please, excuse my english. I write here just to say that I discover (maybe everybodies know it) that a player with blankdisc problem is the "TrProtect" answer. We know that a MD created with SonicStage (netmd) can not be erased without SonicStage if it is protected. Some say it is possible with old decks (non MDLP). What I discover is that if I record fews seconds at the end on a "TrProtected" MD with a broken recorder/player that has the blankdisc problem, saving TOC etc, after ejecting and re-inserting it, the MD is blank. It's because no TOC and data was saved, because the recorder can not do it anymore and erase the entire md. So, if you have some TrProtect MDs and a recorder with the blankdisc problem, first erase your old MDs before repair the recorder. (if like me, you do not or can't use software for your md)
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