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  1. hmmm.... although i got mz-rh1, but it's so expensive there, mz-nh1 surface got problems also, so i suggest mz-rh10 would be a good choice, u can still find it on ebay with reasonable price. if u have enough budget, then choose RH1 without any doubt. Hi-MD could use for data transfer but i never do that, coz the speed is to slow, any with 1GB, i don't think you will use it for storage. besides, with hi-md blank disc, i could fulfill with around 60 songs in 352kHz quality. SonicStage 4.3 maybe the best transfer software you can using~ i'm using VMware fusion on my mac, but i still using my HP elite book to run that dirty jobs, download, transfer and watch japanese AV.
  2. Don't forget about the mac transfer software, i hope sony could update to V3.0 to support Mac OS X 10.9
  3. i've just seen 3 colors of this commemorative disc , black, blue & red. have you seen any other colors of this edition? i just got black...(i shot a picture in the attachment) . hope i could collect them all...
  4. In China Mainland include HongKong, we can saw them in the market, but they were made in China, same model made in japan price always 20-30% higher. In Japan local market , all md players made in japan, Japanese always kept the best quality for own. since 2005, I remember MZ-NH1 is the last model were made in japan, all MZ-RH1 (M200) made in Malaysia, the quality is not good as eariler models. That seemed sony has made the decision... to give up minidisc
  5. heard of EH1 has the best sound quality and with the nice slim shape, also, it was made in Japan. Any model include 1 was flagship, In my country, the price is over 600 eurs. unbelieveable !
  6. Thanks.. I'm thinking to design a SONY MD Blank Disc Poster with timeline, i need to know this info.
  7. Years ago, when i was young, i can see lots of beautiful md blank discs in the local store, over hundreds type model, is there any one getting a timeline list of them ? now watching the old discs over years are still beautiful. i can not find the list in minidisc.org, but it leads me here.
  8. After view this post, i switch to Auto Off of the EL Light, but when playing music, it stills on....
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