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  1. ive been reading around but havent found anything about this got an NW-A3000, WinxpSP2, 1gb ram, gf1600GT, amd dual2,0ghz. i first install connectplayer, and got the updates, and it didnt work (as expected) so i try to download ss but when i install it nothing happens. i have tried various versions (3.x-4.3CP) and it doesnt matter. between them i have cleaned up the comp the way i am told in the FAQ (not that there is much to clean tho, read on) so i download the installer, say 4.3 for example, wich is a bout 9xx kb. i start it and it starts downloading like im on a 14.4k modem. when its finally done, it proceeds normally through the steps, such as downloading this, installing that etc. when its done, i am told to reboot my comp, but the thing is, that nothing has been installed. the location i chose for installing is empty. theres not a trace of sonicstage on my add/remove programs, and all i get in the start menu is a Sonicstage folder with a "product support -personal audio- link in it. i get no error messages or nothing, it claims the installation has been complete but nothing has been installed! please anyone, ive worked extra for months to buy me a good mp3player but i cant use it cus of this thank you -oompa
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