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  1. hi Thanks for answering. Not if the "Megabass" was artificial or not, I do not know, just know that for me it was a pleasure to hear my music "dance" techno ... etc with the force of BASS, the two levels of BASS has just using my old minidisc 1, because it was enough, and if activated the 2nd echoed much music. I miss the megabass .. Know any sony walkman model that is HI-MINIDISC bearing the megabass instead of the EQ ?.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a problem with my sony walkman minidisc MZ-NHF800, is you see in the picture. The problem is in the equalizer EQ. I want the bass to be heard loud and powerful as my previous sony walkman minidisc MZ-N1, which using the same headphones in a headband Pioneer N1 strong and hard low and hear the new NHF800 no. Why ?. If I get into the EQ there are several options to choose from (classical, rock, etc) and 2 custom. If I choose the option of a custom I can move hz stripes up and down. These stripes are 6, starting from left to right are: 100hz, 250hz, 630Hz, 1,6khz, 4kz, 10kz. An acquaintance of a minidisc forum in Spanish, told me to try to move up the line and out of the 100hz down the other stripes. Moving stripe 100hz up low hear with a little more strength, but does not reach the level of previous minidisc that had the famous "MEGA BASS". I tried to combine various ups and downs of stripes and hear worse or do not get the low hard. What should I do ?. Is there any way that low to be heard with the same force as the "mega bass" previous minidisc ?. Thank you.
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