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  1. Hi All I have a 16 year old mznh1 mini disc player and the remote has now died for the second time. I am looking on ebay and can see 2 remotes for sale at a decent price but am not sure if they will work with the MZNH1. They are the RM-MC38EL & the SONY RM-MC11EL - do you know if they would work otherwise I will have to shell out £100 plus for a RM-MC40ELK. Thank you Adam
  2. Hi All used or new please Thank you Adam
  3. Hi yes after the RM-MC40ELK but was hoping for a cheaper price .....thank you for the auction link, very kind of you. I will try and locate the others you have recommended!
  4. Hi Guys Wasnt sure if I should start a new thread or just ad to this one so apologises if I am doing the wrong thing! My MZNH1 remote has just died, have looked on ebay and cannot see a listing at the moment, do you know if any of the other remotes for other sony mini discs works on the MZNH1? Thank you
  5. Hi All 1. I have lost my original disc and wish to download the software for my MZ NH1, i run windows 10 , can you please advise which is the best SS software to download and possible a link a well please? Also will it work with windows 10? 2. Is it also possible to purchase the silver headphones for the remote control for the MZ NH1 as mine are quite tatty but i really like them? thank you very much Adam
  6. sorry but i managed to buy one via ebay but thank u for your time.
  7. adam30

    mznh1 accessory

    thank you - ordered.
  8. adam30

    mznh1 accessory

    darn it.....the ebay seller will not post to the UK!
  9. adam30

    mznh1 accessory

    wow thank you sfbp....will order.
  10. Hi All I have a mznh1 which i have happily used for the past 10 years or so, my 2 pin Euro adaptor is at breaking point and i now need an adaptor which works in the States, can you guy please advise of the correct adaptor to purchase - either an add on or a completely new stateside working adaptor? Also, where can i purchase some silver sony headphones, my remote is working just fine but the HP are frayed..have looked on ebay UK but not seeing any available? Thank you again Adam
  11. hi i could do with the adaptor for my mz nh1....do you it would work and the carry bag if you choose to separate the package? Thanks Adam
  12. i know it sounds silly but i need someone else to answer me, the battery is dead and md does not play off the adaptor, so does this mean my md is knackered or this is the norm?
  13. Hi All Should a mini disc mz nh1 work with the adaptor plugged in but without the rechargeable battery? Thanks A
  14. ok thank you. ill check yahoo japan as well thanks.
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