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  1. i hope u don't mind me mesioning this but there is/was a problem with the initial release on my xp copmaq laptop sonic stage would sometimes just disappear might b my install so i will reinstall xp and let u know how the new version is. p.s it also works for titleing mds recorded in real time so it is not limited to just the cd side of the program.now that very handy. kind regards to the creator.
  2. I will be running it on real hardware as i find vms to b a bit unstable if u can upload to this forum so us fans of minidisc can give it a go. Thanks in advance
  3. Yes i am very intrested in this idea u have just a side note will it work with windows xp?
  4. Arr-Nine-Hundred, dispatched them when he/she said they were going to and they arrived when they said the package would arrive so A++++ Seller would highly recomend Lrp55
  5. I was thinking of buying those lens and head cleaner discs one disc for lens and another for the record off amazon cuz that's where they are cheapest or can u recommend a method that won't damage them? Cheers Lrp55
  6. I Have a similar problem with mine but on mine it is intermittent so i can still record but some discs it dowsn't like i've tried many discs new sealed ones and it still does it so i don't know how to fix it but i would love to get mine working like new even though i baught it off ebay about 6 months ago and it didn't record when i got it but I have this intermitterent problem now, sorry for the ramble, any help would be appreicated. Lrp55
  7. i just sandpapered the contacts on my 2003 gumstick battery using sandpaper it is a gp 1400mah nimh and now it is running in my mz-nf810 and not going flat as soon as i turn on the player/recorder good trick will keep it in mind for the future when this happens
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