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  1. hello there. I recorded some music on a portable sharp 722 MD ( atrac 6? , says 24 bit on the chassis), I read on wiki that MD's, although have various encoding types ( atrac 1,2,3...) they require no specific decoding and therefore a later version MD is guarenteed to play on an earlier machine. thats how i understand it : ? I am loooking to transfer my ATRAC 6 disc to my Pc. I have 2 options. 1. use the sharp 722 player analog out to the PC analog in. ( 2 addition conversions and aditional jitter, hiss and so forth.) 2 digital transfer from an older sony JE500 ( which i beleive uses ATRAC 4 for encoding)but by the sounds of things, uses the same read/playback method of the sharp? but i may be wrong. thanks for your help. peace : )
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