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  1. I tried Google, but had no success. I found the service manual for the MT877, and DR420, but the way described there did not seem to work for the DR470. When I get home, I will try if the remote control works on the MT831, maybe the remote is broken?
  2. Hi all, A while ago, I entered the service mode on my Sharp DR470 (called DR7 in some regions), messed around with it and now I am only getting an Er-MD80 error when trying to turn the unit on. Somebody with a DR470 kindly agreed to check what the original settings were, so I can reset them, but I forgot how to actually get into service mode on this MD portable. I seem to remember that I had to use a remote control from a different unit (my MT831), but I tried it this morning and the DR470 just wouldn't react to anything that I press on the MT831's remote, so maybe I remember that wrong. Does anybody now how to enter the service mode on Sharp portables that don't have a 'Sync/Enter' button? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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