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  1. I have an Mz-M100, that works with when plugged in, or with an external battery, I bought anew rechargeable battery that used to charge, but I'm not sure if it's an issue with the battery door not making good contact or what. The battery is brand new,I only used it a few times. It's when you hold the cancel button to start charging, I see the charge symbol briefly , then it goes away. The charger obviously works, because I can run off that. When I 1st got it i had some issues where I would have to open and close the battery door several times before it would charge, but now nothing. Has anyone had this issue before, or any ideas on how to fix it? Nothing in the battery door, or contacts appear to be missing, or broken. Feel free to hit me up on my email or here, nakedlunch02 @yahoo.com Thanks
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