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  1. Well, after listening to (and ejecting) a variety of MiniDiscs all day, the issue hasn't re-occurred Didn't even get around to trying the power cycle Kevin suggested. Weird...
  2. That's a very good suggestion! I did have a keyboard connected yesterday when I first encountered the issue but it was not connected this morning when I was able to replicate it. The remote control was sat on top of the unit the deck's in and didn't have any buttons accidentally pressed.
  3. If you put a disc recorded in Groups in a non-Groups compatible deck (at least, this is what happens with my MDS-JE500) the titling goes a bit wonky. I recorded a test disc as follows: Disc Name: Disc Name Group One: Song One - Song Two - Song Three Group Two: Song Four - Song Five - Song Six If I put that disc in my MDS-JE500, the disc name comes out as: 0;Disc Name//1-3;Group One//4-6;Group Two// The tracks themselves are fine (i.e. Song One, Song Two, Song Three, Song Four etc). I did wonder if you could "fake" groups in a non-Groups compatible
  4. Good luck! Let us know if you find a working method :-)
  5. Thanks Kevin; I'll give the power cycle suggestion a try. Re the audio/track data: yeah, I didn't think this would be the issue as I've completely filled discs before and never had an issue with adding track names etc. The only difference this time around was that I made the recordings in LP2 mode and they were in four Groups (I hadn't had an MDLP compatible deck back in the day so had only ever made SP recordings) so I did wonder whether that might be the issue. Good to know for future reference that the audio and track data are stored separately.
  6. Bit of an odd one, this. Apologies in advance for the lengthy post... As I mentioned elsewhere, my main MDS-JB980 started giving C13 errors on Saturday. Before I got around to taking the lid off to give it a clean, I plumbed in my second MDS-JB980 so I could do some recordings, which I did on Saturday evening. On Sunday, I tried to enter track names for a couple of songs I had recorded the day before but got a "Cannot Edit" message appear in the display. I was a bit bewildered by this. The disc didn't have the record-protect tab open (and that would give a different error message: "C
  7. On my iPhone, requesting the Desktop site still shows the exact same screen as the Mobile site. Is that what you meant sfbp?
  8. I've not been able to work that out either. I have only been able to access PMs on my phone by using the links in the notification e-mails I received.
  9. I've not tried it but maybe Web MiniDisc or Platinum MD might be able to do it? Web MiniDisc: https://stefano.brilli.me/webminidisc/ / https://github.com/cybercase/webminidisc/wiki/Support-and-FAQ Platinum MD: https://platinum-md.app/ / https://github.com/gavinbenda/platinum-md#readme
  10. That's a shame. I thought, given the number of connections on the rear of the two machines, and that they both appear to "match", you might have been able to get them working together in some fashion. Have you got a CD player that's Control-A1(II) compatible? Just wondered if that brought any benefits with your MDS-JE770?
  11. Thanks Kevin. I'll pop the lid off and give the lens a clean with some isopropyl alcohol tomorrow. That worked the last time I had a C13 error with this deck so hopefully it might work again:
  12. Looks great, Kevin. Very compact! Can you do anything clever with the myriad of connections on the back of the pair of them? e.g. Remote/Control-S etc?
  13. I don't suppose you have access to an older MD deck do you? I use my MDS-JE500 to wipe discs that have been write protected via SonicStage.
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