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  1. Sorry, the link was in my original post from the 27th but was buried in the quote and hidden from view unless you clicked "expand". Glad you found it and got it working though.
  2. Wow, very cool. You really do have some exotic discs, @Richard. Do you know what the discs themselves look like?
  3. My MZ-R909 arrived this morning. First impressions were good. Nice looking machine, pretty much mint condition. Even came with a free blank inside 🙂 Unfortunately, it also came with the original NH-14WM inside it. Which has leaked 🙁
  4. That's really very kind of you @Richard but I'm not really short of blanks. Was just thinking off stocking up on some more MDW80Ts whilst they were still available from a major retailer at a reasonable price. There's plenty of them, for a slightly less reasonable price, on eBay so they are still readily available. Was more wondering whether this is finally the end of the line for new blank MiniDiscs (as opposed to the NOS ones available via eBay etc)? Thanks again for the offer though 🙂
  5. Thanks @Richard One odd thing I noticed today: when you go into the "AUDIO OUT" options in the "USEFUL" menu it says "LINK OUT" on the 920, as opposed to "LINE OUT" on the 910. Yes, I probably should get out more 😆
  6. They're all fine. Well, the 710's got a little bit of cardboard in the battery compartment to make sure the connection stays stable 🤣, but apart from that they're fully operational. Currently listening to the MZ-N920 via my office hi-fi. Could just use one of the decks wired in but felt like a change. You've got a good stash of discs on your desk. Did your colleagues have any clue what they were?
  7. Was tidying up some of my MiniDisc stuff this afternoon and, for no particular reason, decided to take a picture of my blue portables 🙂: Clockwise from top left: MZ-E520, MZ-N910, MZ-N710 and MZ-N920
  8. I went to order another "small box from Japan" but it looks like the supply of MDW80Ts on Amazon.co.jp has dried up, at least for UK delivery. There's only one seller with a single box of 5 showing now and it's been that way for a couple of weeks. Not sure if it is a temporary drought or whether that's it?
  9. Some more interesting information from one of the developers re how you can use it to remove SCMS from tracks:
  10. Haha. Yes, sometimes it's a bit disappointing to open one and throw away the packaging 😆
  11. Interesting note from one of the developers re how the application can extract data from the MiniDisc:
  12. So I just transferred a live concert I recorded from the radio in the late 90s: 66 minutes, 11 tracks, SP. Took just over 2 hours to transfer to my PC. All the track names came over correctly with the track number as a prefix. No need to save up for an MZ-RH1 now 🤣
  13. Think I like the packaging more than the discs themselves 🙂
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