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  1. Sounds positive 👍 Feel free to share my test information with him as well if it will help. It's clearly not just an issue with your particular set up/hardware.
  2. Doesn't look like the Z-N920 has quite the same functionality as the decks Can't see any mention in the manual of being able to adjust the trigger level for automatic track marking. Just found this reference to recording from non-CD sources in my translated copy of the manual: Page 92 goes on to say: Found this is the manual for the MZ-N910 (which is very similar to the 920): Have you got SYNC REC turned on?
  3. It's been a while since I've recorded from my PC in real time but last time I tried streaming from both Spotify and iTunes resulted in the track splits being in the correct place, as long as there was a gap between songs. If two songs flowed into one another then they came over to the MD as a single track and needed to be split manually. Mine were recorded via a Focusrite Scarlet 8i6 into an MDS-JB980 using digital coaxial. Not sure about portables, but the decks have settings to enable automatic track marking when not recording from CDs. This is from the instructions for the MDS-JB980: I'll see if I can find anything similar for the MZ-N920.
  4. Way beyond my technical "abilities" to offer any advice but maybe someone on here might have some suggestions?
  5. My CDP-XB740 displays CD Text in all caps but, so far at least, recordings to my MDS-JB940 seem to render them on MiniDisc with the correct mixture of capital and lower case letters. Like you say though, using a keyboard to title/correct titles only takes a minute or so anyway. Was a gamechanger for me when I got a keyboard compatible deck as I'd previously been using the remote for my MDS-JE500. Don't really recall it being a huge pain at the time but I cannot imagine going back to it now.
  6. I was having some weird happenings with this yesterday. The MD I recorded came from multiple CD sources. Sometimes it would overwrite the MD disc name with whatever the name of the CD was but sometimes it didn't. Wasn't really paying enough attention to pick up on whether there was any sort of pattern 🤔
  7. Anything salvageable? Although I'm not sure I'd fancy pulling a portable apart with my middle aged man eyesight and sausage fingers... 🤓
  8. Despite having 3 decks connected up in my office, I've spent today listening to my MZ-R909 hooked up via line out into my office system. Variety is the spice of life and all that 🙂 The disc I'm listening to was recorded yesterday using my CDP-XB740 / MDS-JB940 combo so that the CD Text track titles came over with the recording via Control A1 II. I decided to go back to the old school methods after spending a few hours doing some tests with NetMD Wizard and CD2NetMD. Sometimes simple can be more satisfying, I think, even if it is slower 🤔
  9. You can find download links for NetMD Wizard here: https://github.com/Jo2003/cd2netmd_gui/releases You can download the current version (2.1.4) but also older releases: 2.1.3 / 1.9.2 / 1.8.5 / 1.8.1 / 1.7.7 etc
  10. Thought I'd give it a go with my MZ-N710. Pretty similar results. The 4 track CD actually worked okay but the 12 track one failed after track 2. Tried the 12 track CD in CD2NetMD v1.8.1 and it transferred without issue. Not sure where the issue might lie but it seems to affect three different models of NetMD devices on my PC and happens with different CDs. I did need to run Zadig to re-install the drivers to get my PC to talk to the MZ-N710.
  11. Tried my MZ-N910 with NetMD Wizard and experienced the same transfer failures with the 4 track and 12 track CDs (although not at the exact same points in the process). Tried it with CD2NetMD v1.8.1 and both 4 track and 12 track CDs transferred across without any issues. Interestingly, I did not have to run Zadig to re-install the drivers when switching back from the MZ-N920 to the MZ-N910 as I had to do when switching the other way. @Distorted Vision - I wonder whether it's worth trying an earlier version of NetMD Wizard to see if that works okay as CD2NetMD v1.8.1 from February 2022 seems to work fine (the app was renamed to NetMD Wizard from v1.9.2 onwards by the looks of things)?
  12. Okay, so I installed NetMD Wizard v2.1.4 and then ran Zadig to install the drivers for my MZ-N920. I loaded the CD in the app and it picked up the Artist/Disc Title/Track Titles okay. Mode was set to SP and I selected "Transfer", rather than "DAO Transfer. It transferred the first 2 tracks across to a blank MD okay but when the MD-Transfer indicator for track 3 reached 100%, the process seemed to stall and I got this error message: Only the first two tracks were showing in the MiniDisc window in the app but when I put the MD into one of my decks, however, track 3 had transferred across okay but no sign of track 4 (it was a 4 track CD single). I erased the disc and then tried again with CD2NetMD v1.8.1 (an earlier version of NetMD Wizard). This time it all worked without any issues: Erased the disc again and re-tried with NetMD Wizard and got the error message again at the same point. Tried a different CD (a 3 track CD single this time) and it transferred across without any issues: Erased the disc again and tried a 12 track CD album. This time I got the error message when the the transfer of the first track had reached 100% but no tracks were showing in the MD window. When I tried to re-load the MD window in the app, I got this error message: I disconnected and re-connected my MZ-N920 and then the first track did show in the MD window (and played without issues in my deck). I'll do the same tests with an MZ-N910 and see what happens.
  13. I'm on Windows 10 as well. Will give it a go this evening and let you know how I get on. Just out of interest, is there any reason you want to use NetMD Wizard rather than Web MiniDisc Pro? I think one of the benefits of NetMD Wizard when I last looked at it was that it apparently did gapless transfers to SP: I've not tested a gapless transfer on Web MiniDisc Pro for a while so not sure if that is now capable of doing them as well.
  14. Is NetMD Wizard the app that started off as CD2NetMD? I've got CD2NetMD installed but haven't used it in a long time. I tend to just use Web MiniDisc Pro. I don't recall having any issues with CD2NetMD though. I would probably have been using it with an MZ-N910. Not sure if I ever tried it with my MZ-N920. I could test it with my N920 if that would be of any help?
  15. Also found this: LINK Didn't fix the person's issue in that instance but might be worth a try?
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