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  1. Would like to see some pictures of the XM-B22P if you get a chance @Richard. Seem to recall you got it when the site was having issues with uploading photos? That seems to be fixed now given @kgallen's photos above.
  2. I'm not really very familiar with any non-Sony machines but just Googled that one and it's a lovely looking device. Look forward to seeing some pictures when it arrives.
  3. Thanks @Richard Worth bearing in mind for things more expensive than a few blank discs. Were you buying MiniDisc related stuff? If so, anything interesting?
  4. I've used quite a few since I last counted them up so you're probably not too far short @kgallen That's not intended as an incentive for you to buy any more though... 😆
  5. 🤣 Whilst this site was "off-air" I don't think I purchased anything MiniDisc related. It's been back, what, a week? and I've bought 20 blanks I don't really need 😆 Not to mention that my watchlist on eBay seems to have grown... I'll try to do a "stock take" tomorrow and see how many blanks I've actually got. Last time I checked I had about 300 sealed ones. Realistically, that's probably more than I'll ever need.
  6. Yeah, I hope that if there is any VAT to be applied then the limit is quite a bit over £60 as I spent £66 earlier 🤣
  7. That's useful to know @Richard In my experience, if you order anything from any of the international Amazon sites that is shipped by them, they take care of all of the relevant taxes so you don't get a nasty surprise when the postman/courier turns up at your door.
  8. You're a bad, bad influence @kgallen 🤦‍♂️
  9. Nice 🙂 I've bought a few (non-MD) things from Amazon.co.jp before and it's always been really easy (and no additional taxes when they reach the UK). Whenever I've put MD stuff in my basket though, it always seems to be from an Amazon Marketplace seller and I've always worried that I might get hit for taxes/admin fees upon delivery. Did you buy these from Amazon themselves, Kevin? Any additional taxes when they were delivered?
  10. Obviously lots of people are bringing their decks back to life 🙂
  11. That's a shame. The MZ-R909 is a lovely looking machine. Might be worth posting about the issue if you get a minute? See if the SIF hive mind can help.
  12. I'm good for the time being but it's reassuring to know there's still a steady supply. Given the current apparent interest in the format, I am sure there will be people looking for replacement drive belts for the foreseeable future.
  13. Nice! As second hand deck prices seemingly continue to rise, it would be useful for closing the gap between the budget models (MDS-JE4xx/3xx) and their ever more expensive brethren...
  14. Wow. That looks like a cracking piece of work, @kgallen. Really professional looking. Will that work on any Sony deck with a single digital output? And apologies if I was responsible for sending you down this particular rabbit hole 😲 😆
  15. Ah, that reminds me. I bought some CD-RWs to do some CD-Text tests with iTunes but never got around to it (sorry!) How are you getting on with Nero? I did raise the iTunes issue to Apple but don't have a huge amount of confidence that they'll do anything about it. Suspect the number of people burning CD-Rs/CD-RWs from iTunes with CD Text is probably not that great these days...
  16. Oh, what a shame. I hope things will be back to normal (or at least some semblance of normality) by next Christmas.
  17. So what's everyone been doing for the last 3 months or so? I've actually not bought any new MiniDisc stuff 🤯 Confirmation, if it were needed, that this place really is a bad influence 🤣 I have spent the time making use of some of my blanks though and doing plenty of recording. Anyone picked up anything exciting? Brought something back from the dead? Made any interesting discoveries?
  18. Yes, same here and I cannot get in at all using Chrome on a Windows 10 PC. I get an error message saying: This site can’t be reached The web page at https://forums.sonyinsider.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_FAILED
  19. A follow on from the “Too Many MDs” video above:
  20. Looks like the site is back up?
  21. Sorry for your loss, Stephen. My condolences to you and your family.
  22. I tried this a few years back. Worked really well. Unfortunately I've only got the one Chromecast Audio and it lives elsewhere in the house. It's a real shame they discontinued them.
  23. Don’t be daft. Good to hear the 909’s already been put to good use. Not sure how I missed that 980 either, although I’m generally a bit nervous about going after faulty decks even if they sound like a probable easy fix. Would have taken a punt for £30 though.
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