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  1. I want to add my own concerns to those expressed here . I have also attempted on numerous occasions to contact Jim Hoggarth over the past six months regarding the repair of my MDS 101 but have received no reply to any of my emails I have always been polite, professional and patient in my dealings with him but am disappointed by his inability to offer the same in return.. If he is genuinely unwell then the very least he could do is say so via a generic email posted out to all his customers - not a difficult thing to do, but what I am reading here seems to be nothing more than speculation on the part of those who claim to know him better than the rest of us it is not too much to ask of someone who purports to be offering a service, that they act in a professional and courteous manner but Mr Hoggarth's conduct is not an example of that I will continue to email him for a while longer but if I receive no reply in the next month or so then I fully intend to escalate the situation in an effort to get my property back, either repaired or not. - and if that involves turning up at his address and asking for my stuff in person, then so be it. Jim - if you are reading this, then do the right thing and start acting like a professional
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