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  1. I had a read of that thread you had me search for, and I'm happy to start another one and tell you why you're wrong, if you like. But you have straightened me out on a few things, for which I thank you.
  2. Thanks for clarifying a few of those things. It's hard to figure out your responses because they're not specifically applicable.. You recommended the PC3, yes, but then said that you did so because NetMD was 'slow for transfers' which isn't what I'm doing. I have no idea if this negates your suggestion or not, as both this and your suggestion that I re-rip my CDs to facilitate additional transfers solve problems I'm not trying to solve. You talked about creating LP2 discs, which is also not a problem I'm trying to solve. It does seem like you've either mis-read my question, confused it with something you've heard asked a hundred times before, or decided to try and answer my question with a solution to a problem I don't know I have. To your last point: it seems that the convoluted path leads to the short answer: Type R DSP is fine for recording if I cut off everything above ~16kHz, but otherwise makes a mess of things in service of the audiophiles measuring frequency response and not perceptual quality, is that about right?
  3. Please forgive me, I am perhaps uneducated in many things, but I am developing the distinct impression you're being intentionally almost helpful. I don't know about 16 bits, but you won't tell me where to learn more. You haven't got a deck suggestion, but you're quite sure re-ripping all my CDs will solve a problem I don't seem to have. When I tell you I don't know what you mean, you say only that the topic title is an oxymoron. I'm new here, I don't expect to be coddled or have my hand held. If my question is ridiculous, just tell me why and I'll re-evaluate my needs. I don't want to start a fight, but please, either help or don't. As a recap, I want to record optically and title easily, with a mini (ie: 30cm-wide) deck. I'd prefer a type-R DSP, but if that's not a requirement that'll improve my results, maybe I'll be fine without it. I'd prefer answers that weren't unnecessarily obscure - I'm not averse to looking stuff up if I have some reasonably specific clues.
  4. Yeah I've read that page before. I haven't done much testing with it because, though they're rated for 5-35kHz, I can't be sure my headphones aren't significantly dropping the volume of > 16kHz. As for 16-bitness, if you've got some links I'd love to see them, but my own searching has turned up nothing that seems to bolster your non-specific assertions about <i>something about more than 16 bits.</i> We've certainly drifted a long way from the original question. I'm not really sure if the current conversation is still relevant, unless you're suggesting I don't need the newer codecs if I massage my files during recording? (We should be clear that re-ripping all my music to ATRAC isn't an option).
  5. Worth considering I suppose. Not sure if that's the ideal solution for my circumstances. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't know I could encode to ATRAC and have it transfer to the disc, I read that the players wouldn't recognize the file if it was done that way. I'm only recording to SP in any case, since LP2 doesn't sound good enough. Does this affect your suggestion? I love ATRAC, it's the only lossy codec that sounds right to me. ATRAC is, IMO, Sony at the peak of their game. It's a bloody shame their incompetence held the format back from greater popularity. =/ I'd like to know more about your idea that CD data includes more than 16 bits of PCM data. I was always under the impression that additional data was used for things like error correction, not audio - so a 16-bit PCM file should be the correct, actual audio data, with the extra maintenance bits used and discarded since they're no longer needed. Are you suggesting this isn't the case? re: XP as a VM - I was wondering if this would be a possible solution. Sort of a giant hassle to require an extra OS to write track titles, but certainly better than rebooting just to record some tracks. =)
  6. Well, it's like a deck, but smaller. You know, mini. I don't know how else you'd describe that small form factor Japan is so fond of. I figured you'd get what I meant based on the mention of things like the S500 and S50. As discussed, I'm not happy with the quality when using NetMD to do transfers. The encoding done on a PC is not as good as when done on the device, at least as far as my NH900 is concerned. I only want to use it for easy titling and occasional track rearranging. As for WinXP, that's a deal breaker for sure. I don't want to devote a whole machine to this purpose. Optical out isn't a deal breaker. I don't have a MD player in the living room with the good stereo (and don't listen to music there anyway). I've got good quality headphones and a nice car stereo, which is where all the listening will occur. Optical out is -nice- to have but it won't be missed if the available choices don't have it. Same for things like pitch control, etc. But then, I wonder how effective and compatible those large keyboard-style remotes are? That might suffice, and maybe give me more deck options?
  7. freddyjollo: Aha, I didn't know that. Thanks!
  8. I used to live in Japan and I visit regularly. I'll probably scour yahoo or the local shops and keep my fingers crossed for a good deal. =) The 22ES needs the PC Link which, I dunno, maybe be a problem on a modern OS? Also it's a full-size deck. Great featureset, but it won't fit on my shelves. =/
  9. Well if I wanted average quality I could just stick wtih the old player. The Sony deck sounds amazing, even compared to a similarly spec'd and priced Pioneer from the same era. And I've got some good speakers, and despite my old age I can still hear and appreciate the high end. I'm really very aware of quantization in the high end, which is why I'm using MDs instead of, say, 320kbps MP3s. The difference between LP2 and SP might not be noticeable, but the difference between music recorded via optical input and music encoded by SonicStage and transferred over is -massive-. Whatever SS is doing doesn't work nearly as well as the NH900. Now whether that's because of the DSP, or flaws in my testing (which was done a while ago and I may have done something silly and forgotten) I don't know. But I find it relaxing to create a disc the old fashioned way. Creating a good playlist and recording one track at a time is a soothing thing. tl;dr - it works and I like it. =) Holy crap, you're not kidding about the JA333ES. O_o The S50 requires the weird PC-Link thing, is that a hassle compared to the relatively easy NetMD with Sonic Stage?
  10. Ah, thanks for that. I don't know how I missed that page. Looks like the S500 might be the one to check all my boxes. =D
  11. Thought this might be useful info for anyone who likes to run MD decks in their car. I have a WX-7700MDX MD/CD 2DIN unit which is quite possibly the coolest looking stereo ever made. It had a reputation when new for being exceptionally great, and with its original cost of about a thousand dollars, it needed to be. In my experience it totally is. The 4 x 52W output is crystal clear and it handles 10-20kHz, which blows away any cheap modern deck. And it only cost me about $50 out of Japan. But my Honda CR-V has steering wheel controls that I wanted to keep using, and the signalling system (a simple set of resistors) wasn't compatible with the Sony, which used infra-red input (specifically, Sony's weird HiR system). And so the point of this post: I hacked up an RM-XS6 Rotary Commander steering-mounted remote, and wired it up to my Honda's stock controls, and click here to see the details.
  12. Good morning! Question: Are there any late model mini-deck recorders with NetMD (or other PC-linked titling capability) that'll record from optical using a type R or S DSP? Long version: I have a 7700-MDX deck in the car and I am currently recording discs for it via optical output on the PC, using SonicStage to sort and label tracks, using my NH900 portable recorder. The NH900 is a little fiddly, with buttons that require dedication to use, a screen that's hard to read in all lighting conditions, and a frustrating menu system with functions split between device and remote. Also I'm worried about wear and tear. So I was hoping for a mini deck that'd sit on a shelf and give me the same or similar functionality. But I'm not having much luck finding a late model mini deck with these features. Does one exist, or will I have to find a standard sized deck? And even then, I'm not clear on which models, if any, might meet my needs. Your suggestions are appreciated.
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