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  1. By the way, I did get a sizeable refund. I kept everything and priced out the accessories fairly and got the MD unit as a player for a nice deal! I am happy overall. Now I have a nice HI MD unit for long drives!
  2. Hello, The unit in question is an M-100 The overwrite head just broke off. Now I have a player/uploader Good thing I also bought an MZ RH-910. sigh
  3. Hello, I purchased a used MD unit on eBay, a nice M-100, however the overwrite head was bending on disc insertion. I didn't realize this, and now the unit is worse off. First of all, what would have caused that? I read somewhere that there is a DC motor for the eject mechanism that raises the head, is this true? The seller claimed he only used the 3v mains adapter for recordings, as the battery does not charge. Not sure if prematurely removing power was the culprit. I also found a tiny piece of MD case inside the unit (it fell out when I was inspecting the head) so maybe that was the cause. I'm frustrated. I really wanted this unit in my collection. The seller has agreed to a refund, which was kind. I just want to see if anyone has a remedy for the overwrite head, maybe we can help the seller fix the issue. I read a lot on the forums, but there isn't much about overwrite heads and the ribbon cables bending the heads down too far. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I can't believe (like all of you) the prices of 1GB MD blanks. Why Sony or other manufacturer won't run a limited production run is amazing, when, I hear they are still making blank 80 minute discs. (correction needed?) Anyway, I'm back into MD, and just ordered an MZ R-910 off eBay after having a bad experience with an M10 with bent overwrite head (any way to repair that?) Anyone willing to sell new or used blank 1GB discs for around $15 each? I'd buy 5 or 10 at that price. I refuse to spend more than that, it's frustrating. I've seen a couple of auctions near that price and didn't bite, I should have. Thanks Everyone!
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