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  1. I just bought an used car with a built-in Sony MDX-62. I have never used MiniDiscs - the only way I use my autoradio is via FM-Transmitter and Smartphone. So I have no use for this MDX-62 and would like to sell it to somebody who can use it. Thanks for the reply "Inquisitor" - so here are some additional Informations: It's no problem to get any additional parts for this Device if needed. So e.g. the SONY Unilink Cable can be bought here for around USD 10 : http://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_nkw=SONY UNILINK DIN DATA CABLE CD DVD CHANGER iPOD XM SIRIUS TUNER XPLOD US SELLER&_itemId=271156497181 As I have mentioned above this Device was in a used car (Audi TT) I just bought. The garage gave me the device after adapting the car to my needs. I have talked with the preowner of the car and he guaranteed to me that this MiniDisc Device is working properly without any problems. I had to remove it from the car because I have never had any MiniDiscs in my life and so for me it is absoutely useless. Whoever is interested in this device and needs to go sure that it works just contact me I will provide evidence (e.g. in form of a short video) if neccesary!
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