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  1. Wow, so it's been nearly a year since I last used this little device. Figure i'll just update this thread instead of creating a new one. Anyway I've once again attempted to get it working to no avail. So I go XP Mode running successfully on a Win 7 (x64) machine, and checked the pull down list of USB devices. However when trying to select the MS70D, I keep getting the same error to either try another port or restart, both of which I've tried, and both of which have failed. And trying to use it under Win7 (x64) natively, just says it can't find drivers. Have installed SonicStage Ultimate v2 and Personal Audio Drivers, I can see all relevant files (MS70DUSB.cat/inf) but even when pointing directly to that folder, it says no drivers found. Guessing they're XP only drivers. Might just be a phase again, but I really want to get this working, at least in XP Mode (I'd really like to avoid having a dedicated XP machine if possible). SFBP, if you've got any suggestions, or want me to post up screenshots/files to play around with, let me know.
  2. Kind of given up on trying to get it working on a non-XP machine now and as suspected, the excitement of the 'new toy' has started to wear off. I've gotten XP working on a Virtual Machine now (first time playing around with it), however plugging in a USB device goes undetected. I'll probably just keep the old XP laptop around for whenever I decide to change up the playlist. I did have a look at all the inf files and removed (or relocated, in case something else went wrong) the ones with any reference to NETMD inside it. Anyway, thanks again for all the help. If/when I decide to play around with it further, I'll post my findings here. Cheers!
  3. apologies for the really late response. I tried both those suggestions, but no go. Uninstalled it via device manager and connected it again. Progress bar completed and said device was installed successfully (no errors popped up either), however under device manager it still has the yellow exclamation mark next to it, and still doesn't detect in SS. Anyway I've resigned to the fact that I'll just need to run XP if I want to move music on/off the device. An inconvenience but at least the old laptop is being put to use. Might see if i can get XP + SS running off a flashdrive and just carry that around with my main notebook, would be more convenient, and allow me to transfer music while away from home (without having to carry 2 laptops). Thanks again for the suggestions & help mate!
  4. No error message as such, it just doesn't appear in SonicStage when connected to my laptop (screen on the walkman itself also says connected). When i go to device manager it's there as 'Network Walkman' with a yellow exclamation mark next to it, I've attempted to update drivers by pointing to the folders i've extracted the download zip files to, and Program Files/Sony/Personal Audio Drivers, but it just says no drivers available & cannot install device. The same happens in both 7 (32bit) & 8.1 (64bit). Since the original post, I've been playing around with SS in XP and though it's detecting fine, SS won't let me transfer any of my mp3s, giving me the 'transfers are not allowed' error. It won't even let me just convert them to ATRAC (without transferring), giving me a list of why it wont convert (file format, copyright etc). In the end I've had to convert to ATRAC in SS on my 8.1 machine, then copy it across via flashdrive to my XP machine, import them into SS, and transfer those pre-converted files. I imagine the only reason I can be bothered doing this convoluted process is because it's still a new toy to me, not sure how I'm going to fare after a couple of weeks Anyway I can see the inf/cat files you've mentioned above, in the Program Files/Sony/Personal Audio Drivers folder, and i'll try copying the .dll to system32 and see how i go. Thanks for the suggestions, being that these devices aren't that common (and the last thread was back in 07/08 i think) i didnt think i would get a response, let alone so soon.
  5. Hey guys, Just managed to score myself an NW-MS70D! Had always been after one but could never afford the $899 AUD price back in uni, matter of fact i still wouldn't be able to justify that much for a dedicated music player. Now to scout around for some 128mb duos, which seem ridiculously priced compared to all these high capacity microSD/SD cards around. Anyway just wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting it working on anything other than XP? So far I've tried 8.1 64bit, no luck. Even though it works fine with my N707 & NH1 recorders, after installing the 64bit drivers available here. Tried with the old netMD drivers on here too, but still no luck. Same thing with Windows 7 32bit. So I threw XP SP2 onto an old laptop and it worked straight straight away. Was hoping to not go lower than 7 though, so was hoping someone out there had managed to get it working with 7 or even 8.1 (10 would be a stretch, though i guess if it works on 8.1.....) Cheers!
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