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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have that computer where nothing I try to install or download on it is ever easy. I also have that computer where things magically get done to it. For instance, I tried installing a game on the computer, and an error message kept coming up that I couldn't install the game because Windows Installer couldn't be found. It took three weeks for my friend to finally get Windows Installer to install, and he found a place on the computer where it asks if I want to install or download things, and the "no" box was checked. I don't know where that box is, I don't know where to find it or how to find it, yet the "no" box was checked. Having had trouble installing or downloading things is the reason I asked if it was easy to install SonicStage.You misunderstood my original message, though. When I wrote I have hundreds, maybe thousands of songs to transfer, I meant I want to transfer them off of my MP3 players onto the NetMD MZ-S1 player. I'm electronically illiterate, as well as being computer illiterate. I don't know how many songs can fit on individual MP3 players. I have three players that are 4 GB each. I don't want to buy a 16 GB MP3 player to transfer all my songs off of three players onto one MP3 player when I have my NetMD, and when I prefer my NetMD over the MP3 players. I will install the driver for SonicStage first before trying to install SonicStage, but I doubt it won't be before next week that I do it. And, I doubt that the install will take place without complications, so, please look for other posts from me with install issues. Again, thank you for the quick reply.
  2. I haven't seen any posts about installing SonicStage 4.3 on a Windows 7 Ultimate computer, for the NetMD MZ-S1 player. Has anyone with Windows 7, and the MZ-S1 player installed SS 4.3? If so, did the install go smoothly? And, did the transfer of songs go smoothly? I have hundreds, if not thousands of songs of songs to transfer. I'm computer illiterate, and if the song transfers don't go smoothly, I'll immediately stop, because I've messed up my computer before, not knowing what I'm doing, and I hit a wrong key, or I keep hitting a key, not knowing that hitting the key will do something to my computer.
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