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  1. Ah: It seems the resistor must be between pin 2 and 4 as I read now. What is the reason the other two pins?
  2. Hi, I'd like to know how the remote of my old MZ-R30 minidisc works. Unfortunately the combined remote /earphones are lost. (But would that help if I still had them?) I want to build a new remote and I attempted to build one already, but it does not work properly. I see the remote has four contacts. I built a alternative plug and connected the contacts with the MD powered. It had an effect when I connected some pins: stopping while playing, stating to play, but the results were not consitent: When I repeated some connections it did not seem to work as it did the first time. I found this: http://www.minidisc.org/r3_remote.html and it seems to confirm there's something missing. I probably need to mount some resistors. No problem, but where? On wich pin? Eventually the MD has to be controlled by some electrical circuit connecting the wires properly so the MD will play, stop, etc...
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