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  1. by the way I had the same issue regarding my NetMD discs. I gave up at a certain point but I will try now your solution sfbp. I'm glad it worked for you bonbonneke! :)
  2. As I can see this topic is still alive so I'm taking the chance to kindly ask you if there's a handy and low-cost solution about a similar problem that I have: I am the owner of two MDs, one of them is the MZ-RH1 of course which refuses to play tracks on every single disc that I have after a certain period of playback time (usually after 5-6 tracks from the beginning). That happens on new transfers. The old NET discs are still playable in their entirety. The recording of the songs via Sonic Stage can still be done without further problems but as it seems something's wrong with the ne
  3. hi bonbonneke, Sonic Stage 4.3 works fine on my Win 10 64 with MZ-RH1. Maybe it's the upgrade procedure that's causing an issue. I have installed my Windows 10 from scratch. Have you tried to make a clean re-installation of Sonic Stage?
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