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  1. Did the link I gave you work? Regards, Bernie
  2. Found it! Here it is: https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/swu-download.pl?upd_id=2236&PASSVAL2=SMB&mdl=MZM100
  3. I'll search for it and if I can find the download link I'll post it here. If not I can make a copy of it and email it to you from my older computer. Regards, Bernie
  4. The discs are spoken for but if the sale falls through I'll let you know. If you have questions about the Mac software I might be able to help. I've been converting the files from the used discs into WAV files for archiving and I just got it going myself. Regards, Bernie
  5. Hello DB, I may have a sale pending on the discs. I'll find out and let you know what I have available. Best, Bernie
  6. Thanks PhilippeC, I will sell the discs separately, and $15 is what I'd like to get for the unopened ones. I'd take $13 for the opened ones since they only have one pass on them. Plus shipping on everything. I live in the St.Paul, Minnesota area in the US.
  7. Here's some photos. The disc count is nine un opened pieces and thirteen used one pass discs. This whole setup comes with the pouch, remote control/earphones, power supply/charger, external battery sled and stereo microphone with extension. Again I'm sure the internal battery isn't in the best shape as its not been charged or used for a few years. Please make me a reasonable offer for the MZ-M10 and accessories and/or the discs. Thanks, Bernie
  8. I'll post some pictures in the morning. Did a count of my discs and I have 9 un opened discs and 10 one pass used discs.
  9. This unit has always worked well but hasn't been used in a very long time. Not sure what shape the rechargeable internal battery is in. i have all the accessories and a good number of un opened blank discs. I'll have to do an inventory to see exactly how many. Just throwing this out there to see if anyone is interested. I don't have use for it and would like to see it go to a good home instead of gathering dust. Offers? I'll be back with a count of the blank discs. Thanks, Bernie
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