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  1. So i recorded from TOSLINK using JA50ES. It had some 3 tracks. One from CD and 2 from Computer. The first track i recorded using sony SACD to JA50ES using TOSLINK. The other 2 tracks from analog. The minidisc was playing fine in my portable MZ-RH1 also Then a few days later i recorded more, but this time all from CDS using TOSLINK from sony SACD player SCD-XA5400ES to JA50ES. Now JS50ES shows 7 tracks, but MZ-RH1 now detects as HI-MD blank disc !!! why ?? disc is SP using ATRAC1 4.5.
  2. yes i did the same back then as well.....wasnt sure at that time if the 333ES or the 50ES is better anyways very happy with my 50ES.........the headphone output can easily drive a sennheiser HD650 and Audeze LCD3 with ease. And it compromises nothing! very impressed with what sony did with the 50ES. Quality equal to headphone amplifier costing 2k.
  3. thanks very much.....i ended up with a JA50ES for now. and the mz-rh1 for the portable version. if i where to get another one should i get to 555ES or the 333ES ?
  4. Hi MD lovers i am looking for information about the Sony JA33ES model, there is very little information on the net except for the brief description on the md community page. There are no reviews on the net either. How does the JA33ES stack up against the JA555ES, JA333ES or JA50ES ?
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