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  1. Indeed, I was looking at the NiMH battery. Sorry for the confusion. I can't find any for MZ-E10. Thanks Sphig.
  2. Update MZ-N10 1. I found out that it still has a considerable battery life probably because I rarely used it on battery. For the same reason, it's virtually scar-free. 2. I forgot to mention a microphone accessory that goes with the N10. It will be provided with the unit. MZ-E10 1. I found a generic battery for MZ-E10 on eBay. Anyone interested in buying MZ-E10 with a new battery installed?
  3. I wish to depart with my MZ-E10 and MZ-N10. MZ-E10's battery is completely out. MZ-N10's battery is pretty much out. Otherwise, they are in excellent conditions functionally and physically (see photos). Please name the price for my babies. P.S. 1. w/ original charging cradles. 2. w/ original remotes. 3. w/ original USB cable (for N10) 4. w/o bundle earbuds (I have one bundle earbuds alive; I will give it to the first buyer for free.) 5. w/o AC adapter (I have an AC adapter alive, but it's 220V. If a buyer gets both of the items, he/she can get it for free.)
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