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  1. Hi @sfbp, When I bought the MZ-RH1 the only digital upload possible was the files recorded by yourself with a mic. Others should be blocked for music rights. Yet, as HiMD disc is a storage unit, like any USB key, you can even put text or PowerPoint files on the disc. For that you do not need any software, just your Mac will recognise HiMD as an external USB key or CD-ROM. Best,
  2. Hi Stephen, For HiMD you can run QHiMDTransfer. It works on Win/Linux and Mac Catalina: https://github.com/thp/linux-minidisc/releases/tag/ Proposal: if you could add libnetmd library from qhimdtransfer to your software that would make many people smile. best,
  3. Just tested Web Minidisc Application on my Sony MZ-NH700/NH800 with Chromium on MacOS Catalina system 10.15.4. First test: NetMD disc with SP/LP2 tracks: Positives - NetMD is discovered, plays, renames discs and adds files. To do: - as mp3 was added to an existing disc, it does not recognise which track it is and plays a different track. Second test: HiMD disc with .HMA (disc is TDK MD80 converted to HiMD) Positives - HiMD disc is discovered and you can add songs as mp3 mode without any conversion. To do: the freshly added song is not visible in the TOC, thus it
  4. Stachu, if you look at hifishark.com you can see this Sony model CDP-XE320 in Poland for PLN 60 as well as nearby countries for EUR +20: https://www.hifishark.com/model/sony-cdp-xe-320 Also you can find well as 2598 units of minidisc players/recorders/media discs at very low prices :-) https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=minidisc Good luck !
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