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  1. I replaced it. Also i shor-circuited but still problem remains.
  2. i've changed the S806 HOLD switch but the problem remains! Ill try and find if there is a bad connection somewhere and i'll update.
  3. I think so too! Nobody opened my unit until now! Im going to open it and let you know the results. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi dear fellow lovers of MiniDisc! Recently i found my old Sony MZR-55 which still is in great working order! But unfortunately i have a problem with HOLD function. I cant use the controls even when the HOLD switch is OFF! Although, i can use my remote control to play, pause etc you understand that i must find a way to solve this problem. MDs are playing great and everything seems to work. If you have any thoughts or solutions to my problem i would be very grateful.
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