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    So the BT function:No more than a gimmick???
  2. Old skool D


    Juli What!!! Your selling your baby. Why??
  3. Special Preview of Hancock. Good premise, but I didn't really like it
  4. Yes it does, but it's not open for business as yet!
  5. has any one checked out the Sony Insider site? It seems like ATRAC is dead. R.I.P!!
  6. Exactly. I'm glad you like your new Toy. With a little bit of reading( and some help from fellow owners!) I think you'll not regret your purchase.
  7. I don't agree, fully. yes , you should do some research ref a new player, BUT you have the right to moan or gripe, particulary if you feel said player is missing a few things.
  8. Mongrel Firstly Welcome to ATRAClife. Glad to have you aboard. Secondly I'm sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. I Live in London, so I know it ain't all good or bad in this great town ( as proved by the action on the WVM) As for your question. I would go for MP3 as opposed to Atrac. What bit rate do you plan to rip at??
  9. I forgor to mention. With the CD rom that came with the A829, there was a MP3 converter that converted (or was supposed to) all my ATRAC songs to MP3. I haven't got many to convert, (about 9) but it only managed 2! Bring back SS
  10. Anthony Thanks for your review. I had a similar thing with the A829. I didn't find WMP11 all that easy to use, in comparision to SS, and the Sony Media Manager for WALKMAN 1.1 wasn't better. Looks as if Sony have a bit more to do to assemble a better DAP, software.
  11. One of the by products of getting the A829 is that the CD rom accompaning the DAP, also had the Sony media manager with it. Was this first shipped out with the A818, or is it a new Sony Software? I take it's not compatible with ATRAC ?
  12. Juli & aob9:Thanks for the advice. I think I may have to go the A818 route. What are you both going to do? also here's the first review ref the A829: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-NWZA829K-16GB...347&sr=1-31
  13. Juli Your welcome. Like I mentioned I'm glad I got it:If only to see for myself what the advantages/disadvantages to the player were. ref the A818:Yes I am aware of the lack of on the fly playlists. I still may get it. I'll seek advice from Markey ref the features on it.
  14. I didn't realise that. I think I'll stay with my A808, for now.
  15. It could be me & my eye sight Anyway, I've decided to return the unit. Whilst I like the bigger screen, and the SQ is as good, if not better than my A808, I don't like the fact that they have done away with some great features from the A800/A8100 series( rating of tracks on unit, being able to delete songs from the unit, having to get bluetooth headphones) I'll get a A818. Still glad I got it, if only so i could see for myself. I do hope my review has been useful for anyone thinking of getting said player (Juli????)
  16. OK, I have finished synching music onto the unit. Thoughts and impressions: As most people will know(if you've read the posts around here) their no on-the fly playlists, but were you aware not( unlike my A808) there's no deleting tracks from the unit itself(like an iPod you have to do that via your computer) no star rating system( now this might me due to using WMP11, or that I haven't figured that out yet!) These put features are a BIG miss for me, and were a bonus points in having a A800, or A100 series. Plus point however is the SQ. To my 40 yeard old ears it is even better than my A808( to the point that I can listen to my music at volume level 12 & below, as opossed to 15 on the A808). Windows medis Player 111 is OK, but coming from SS, it takes a bit of getting used to. For example, It started to sync all the photos on my computer onto the player.( I had to delete these from the computer itself) I'll have to read my instruction booklet. Also ref video: I fancy putting some onto the unit, but guess what? it's not straight forward. In conclusion apart from the issues I mentioned above, the great SQ makes up for all the things Sony, to my mind have left off this DAP, which made my A808 a great player. 16 GB is enough for me, and I'm content. i hope someone else gets one, so we all can compare opinions.
  17. LOL!!!! I do it for the love ( and to save you all the money & time )
  18. From my limited experience you aren't meant to wait wait until the unit runs down until you recharge.
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