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  1. That didnt last long.... Ive just bought a MDLP deck. The JE440. Not the most feature packed, or newest, but I picked one up for a steal. Not Type S, but it still sounds fantastic. The SP deck I had had issues, plus it wasnt MDLP, which was a pain. Pulled out my old Sony amp (db 840) connected it all up, and it sounds fantastic! I wonder whats next on my journey into the past....
  2. Thanks for the answer. I was afraid that thats all there would be. And your right, it was NetMD.
  3. Thanks PhilippeC. I dont think I'm going down the MDLP deck route yet. I think im going to be recording in real time over toslink/spdif to SP mode any way, so the SP deck I have will be fine. NetMD is cool, but I think copying FLAC is the best option for me. I'm right in thinking that the only way to get FLAC onto MD is via optical?
  4. Hi Starting using sonic stage for the first time, and Im wondering if there is a way to know how much room is being taken up on an MD before clicking trnasfer? Like putting th tracks over to transfer, but not actually transfering them till im ready? Thanks
  5. Totally agree. The units feel solid and well made. Simply because they are! The new portable I got takes AA anyway. I did a bit of research, and thought this was the best option for now.
  6. .......Which is a little bit of a surprise! Hi everyone, thought id introduce myself. As this site has helped me a lot. Im Kalioon. Bought my first MD deck in 1998, the rather nice MDS-S38, this went along with a new Midi Hi Fi. Very soon after I bought a kenwood MD player the DMC-G3. A lovely combo. The deck allowed easy digital recording, and the remote ment I could easily input names. The kenwood died eventually, after a hell of a lot of abuse, so I replaced it with the MZ-G750. Used this along with Deck for a while. But the lure of HDD and MP3 soon grabbed me. So I left MD behind. Until now. I resurrected an old hi fi my wife had, which included a pioneer MD deck, MD sounds good!. I got my old Sony portable out and reminded myself just how nice MD sounds on the move, but also how nice it was to have something tactile. Also the miniaturization of the devices has always astounded me. But the decades have not been good to my little portable and the headphone socket was knackered. So, to Ebay! Picked up a NF610 for £24 (inc P and P) which I thought was a bit of a bargain. Took a little punt, as the photos wernt too clear, and the remote clearly wasnt for the right player. It arrived this morning. Holy moly, I snagged a bargain. The player is perfect, and the remote is much better than the one that should have come with it. It wont play the radio, as the real remote should have, but who cares. Its backlight! So here I am 2018, transferring songs onto an MD. I never got into NetMD when it was "a thing", but its pretty cool. Just thought Id say, Hi, and well done to everyone here. You have a lovely little forum, with a lot of really good info about a rather old but fantastic format!
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