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  1. Same here I don't need Net MD etc. Just old school Audio MD. I still have a Sony MZ-R900 but it's showing signs... that's why I'm looking to buy another one, preferably a portable one.
  2. Yup, I also checked Amazon Japan, they have an assortment of blanks, not too crazy though. Ebay I avoid as the prices are extremely high.
  3. Looks pretty good! It's tempting as it's new and most 2nd hands you don't know how long they'll last
  4. Thanks. We're lucky these blanks looks good. Too bad, of course, none of the cool colors from back in the day I'm glad I still have a super large collection of various blanks. Hardware wise, the last one might be the MZ-RH1 (from May 2006)
  5. I'd like to know what models of MD hardware are currently sold. I guess Sony MZ-RH1? Same for blanks. I see a lot of Sony Neige blanks on sale. Anything else? Thank you so much!
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